20140607 prc clarity_interloper cleansing
(20140607 prc clarity_interloper cleansing.HTML)
20140607 prcjlo janet in choice
(20140607 prcjlo janet in choice.HTML)
20140608 prc waikaka_interfaith instructions
(20140608 prc waikaka_interfaith instructions.HTML)
20140608 prcjlo frames of reference_limits to human being
(20140608 prcjlo frames of reference_limits to human being.HTML)
20140609 prc wtba scale_all species equal
(20140609 prc wtba scale_all species equal.HTML)
20140610 prc janet_correction to dunedin talk
(20140610 prc janet_correction to dunedin talk.HTML)
20140612 prc cetaceans and human survival.otd
(20140612 prc cetaceans and human survival.otd.HTML)
20140615 prc devic hierarchy
(20140615 prc devic hierarchy.HTML)
View the Open document 20140615 prc Map of Devic existence_spiritual hierarchy
(20201028 prc Map of Devic existence_spiritual hierarchy_updated_wsedit.odt)
20140615 prc map of devic existence_spiritual hierarchy
(20140615 prc map of devic existence_spiritual hierarchy.HTML)
20140619 prc followup to talk
(20140619 prc followup to talk.HTML)
20140619 tw horse ancestors
(20140619 tw horse ancestors.HTML)
20140621 prcjlo interfaith talk_recheck_j go
(20140621 prcjlo interfaith talk_recheck_j go.HTML)
20140623 prc waikaka stresses
(20140623 prc waikaka stresses.HTML)
20140625 prcjlo separation_commitment_dunedin interfaith
(20140625 prcjlo separation_commitment_dunedin interfaith.HTML)
20140627 prc dunedin action attitudes responses
(20140627 prc dunedin action attitudes responses.HTML)
20140630 prc mission accomplished_choosing the good
(20140630 prc mission accomplished_choosing the good.HTML)
20140701 tw updated stats a4_1col
(20140701 tw updated stats a4_1col.HTML)
20140702 prc duane_michelle's house clearing
(20140702 prc duane_michelle's house clearing.HTML)
20140708 prc after dunedin_recovery
(20140708 prc after dunedin_recovery.HTML)