20160831 prc study option_otago
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20160902 prc fog
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20160908 prc more issues
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20160908 prc promoting spiritual existence as fact
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20160912 prcjlo transmission summary at matapaua_1
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20160913 prcjlo transmission summary at matapaua_2
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20160914 prcjlo transmission summary at matapaua_3
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20160922 prc med group extending
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20161020 prcjlogrb group supervisor commentary
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View the Open document 20161103 prcjlo Spirits Bay
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View the Open document 20161105 prcjlo Kaimaumau ancestor clearing
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View the Open document 20161213 prc Torture memory wsedit
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View the Open document 20161218 prc Startup in Gore
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View the Open document 20161228 prc Coming into awareness
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View the Open document 20170103 prc The impulse to write
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View the Open document 20170130 prc Printout complete to 201610xx
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View the Open document 20170208 prc Cohabitation challenges_invitation
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View the Open document 20170222 prc Research questions
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View the Open document 20170225 prc What if it were true
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