20080719 prc confident in wintec

19/07/2008 prc confident in wintec


P ^We come at this time in order to make clear there are some options which confront you.

One option is to go into the Wintec environment with your head held high and your confidence well formed and bring all of the knowledge to bear in relation to the students which you will have for this week and for which you have willingly assumed responsibility. You will comport yourself well and be able to access the information that you invent or that we ascribe to you and come to the end of the week intact and more confident than before, understanding that the task and the level is not beyond you.

The second choice is to go in defensively, feeling ill at ease and ill-informed and inadequate for the task, therefore perform it poorly, therefore be the subject of negative discussion bith within the staff and the students, which will result in you getting very little work in that potentially optimal environment.

Naturally we recommend that the former approach is more fitting, appropriate and rewarding in the long term, and so we recommend that you do some preparation tomorrow and continue to question your memory concerning the appropriate manner and style and resourcefulness of which you are able and capable.

So we see these things as a simple dichotomy of choice opportunity and recommend the former.

The next thing is the willingness that you have to participate with this woman LL in your life and to do so in an ongoing way and to support her to the extent that you are available and able and willing. The consequences of that are several in fact many and the first of course of which is to have somewhere to discharge your sexual interest and semen and with that willing recipient. The second is to be able to grant her some love, for which she is hungry and from which she finds great solace. It is not by accident that she has slept very well and will do so again this evening, for her sense of burden is considerable. Her sense of responsibility is something she is sensitive to and is determined to discharge honourably in the support of those she loves.

The third thing is that this willingness to continue this involving yourself in this family will in fact be the best future option for you in order to maintain a greater breadth of opportunity in your life in a number of different ways, and some of these ways are to have a destination in your travel; to experience support in your life; to experience an appreciative audience for your thoughts and feelings and activities, and these things are always valuable in any person's life and given the relative paucity of those opportunities in your narrow spectrum of friendship, that it is not to be distanced lightly.

So we have only these things to say and wish you well in your coming week.

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