20141113 prcgrbtw deva guardian_rescues_malaysianair

13/11/2014 prcgrbtw deva guardian_rescues_malaysianair


Richard's summary via email:

We had an interesting night last night - "The Guardian" who oversees all the elementals looking after flowers in NZ (there is another layer of overseers under him/it and then under them are the "ticklers" that look after each flower); a "Traveller" who described himself as "energy" travelling the universe and gaining information; a very angry and important and wealthy American construction business owner who thought we were tricking him and was very cross until he finally went up to the top floor on the elevator and discovered his daughter who had died when she was 4; the businessman's wife who didn't want to go on until we assured her that she didn't still have to be married to him; the people on board the Malaysian Airlines flight that crashed into the sea, they all held hands and went off except for one individual who it seems caused the crash, probably a bomb, and he didn't want to go because they would hate him, so we persuaded him to go somewhere else and he was amazed that we didn't hate him.

[2014-03-14 14:29:05] Richard Bentley: You should go away more often :)

[2014-03-14 14:29:45] Richard Bentley: I'm going away Monday and probably wont be there tomorrow. Could be wet and windy!


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