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I've risen early after enough sleep and again reviewed the Powerpoint presentation for Sunday. It will do, I think, and the following suggests the same.

^We come on this occasion in order to manifest a deeper understanding of the threats and promises associated with the public display of erudition associated with discussion on Sunday at the Natural Health Expo.

The discussion is sufficiently wide-ranging in order to engage any person's significant capacity to contemplate not only their life and its extent, but its extent into broad and seldom reached categories of feeling and knowing. That being the case, there will be respect accorded to this transmission for the breadth of its attempt to reach the understanding of the extraordinary person, let alone the ordinary person.

Therefore you have nothing to fear regarding the reception and the degree of heckling or commentary likely to manifest at that time.

This is not a premature release. This is a release after years of contemplation and careful discrimination concerning not only the meaning but the implications of each of the parameters of this discussion.

So the capacity that you share to present in an easy, comfortable manner, indicating a willingness to enter into camaraderie of those of like mind, that is, interested in the extended consideration of existence and its meaning, means that it will be of interest to a cross-section of individuals both intensively indoctrinated to alternate world views as well as those relatively naïve in learning of their place in this world and their purpose for coming here.

So with that said, a comfortable and relaxed posture can be easily adopted by this bodymind and it is that very comfort and that very relaxation which will help convey that this is also a sensitive, alert and finely discriminating mind, from which others can derive some confidence that something useful has happened in these twenty years.

In that, it is no different from any other transmission into any other culture and at any other time. For as you are now well aware, there have been multiple deliveries into more or less well adapted minds, as well as those capricious and self-interested for the potential such knowledge can bring.

The adopting of the pose of laissez-faire regard and willingness to give away all such information into the widest possible networks of communication means that although there will be much suspicion concerning the intention for which this public discussion is manifest, as a money-making opportunity it will be seen to be deficient and that you know it is deficient. Therefore any questions about financial motivation can be quickly and effectively discarded, thereby increasing the credibility of what you bring before the public on this occasion.

So we are comfortable with the intention, with the probable delivery, with the reception of that delivery and see the opportunity as yet another to begin to allow the migration of this model-set out of its self-confinement into fecundity.

P Oh! Talk about pregnant with meaning ;-)

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