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Went to the Spiritualist Church this morning. This is a rest day after digging dirt & moving concrete over this Anzac weekend, in which I had the Thursday off as well to fix my car rear-steering ball joints. Done in one hour, I managed to easily persuade myself it was a golden opportunity to put up the gate for retaining J’s Buffy on the property by extending the holiday weekend by one day. And was successful. So now with the dog door + fence + gate, she can leave her securely, confident Buffy can be safe until her return. So that was very satisfying. But the concreting will have to wait.

At Church Jeff & Lyn & the medium Carolyn all mentioned Anzac day.. During the meditation the persistent feeling of discomfort in my throat got strong enough for me to register a guy in spirit who was still terrified & crawling along trenches. So I endeavoured to talk him up, & he seemed to go into light. I made sure to affirm Jeff’s wife she had done the right thing in leading the meditation as she did. As I did so she seemed to fall into her little self and look frightened or vulnerable as if expecting a telling off? Then relieved as I spoke soothingly. Am I so scary to them now?

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