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(Initial discussion not transcribed)

J Would anyone like to set the intention before I volunteer you?

H Your volunteering is accepted.

P She said volunteer you, Heidi, meaning any one of us ;-)

Pm ^My family, I welcome you as you join together with like will and mind. We are all of and from the One. I am the One as you would term it. I have many names. All are of and from me, all that has life. Your journey into the physical world is your individualisation of the One. You are soul, singular outpouring of universal love. Your intent when you meet and join together your energy is to be of service to those who seem to have lost their way. They, like you, entered into their physical body for the purpose of experiencing and so growing in understanding of love in all its aspects.

Physical life is like a play. Before entering the earth you choose the role you will play, you choose to be male or female, the 'overcoat' that you will wear, the circumstances of your birth and those who will be your portal. And so your birth is the opening scene and the players are those you have chosen. From that time forward you create in each moment with each thought. Some remember this and are aware that thought at the time everything seems so real, in truth it is not your reality. Some get lost in the drama. They lose their way, and only in the sense that they have forgotten to remember.

Some at the time of their passing because of the suddenness of the event are stunned into – KO'ed, would be a way of putting it. There are many reasons and so your desire, your intent to aid them to reawaken in them their soul purpose is indeed of the spirit.

I would ask you now to think on your own way. Although awareness of spiritual purpose is part of your journey that you have acknowledged openly, there are times when you feel overcome, overpowered, disoriented. To assist you in your work, we would ask you now to think on the 'if onlys' and the 'what ifs', the fears and the regrets. I would ask you to take into your reality the realisation that regret has no place, for what was is now past. What was you created at the time through the wisdom, the knowledge that was yours. If today, you would say I would not have acted so, I would have been, I would not have done. Then instead of regretting, rejoice. For the experience has served its purpose, you grew through it, you grew from it. So rejoice, regret not. Regret not. I would ask you now to just take a moment and think of those regrets and place them gently in your lap for the moment. And if-onlys are there; the what-ifs are those times when you fear to take that step just in case. Just in case of what? Today, this moment is all there ever is. Tomorrow is shaped through and from the moment. I would ask you not to fear what might be, for you create through your thought and fear is just as big a creator of way as is hope and joy and trust. So along with the regrets, I would ask you now to place the what-ifs. Place them together and know that they no longer need be a part of your journey.

Feel around you a beautiful white light. It is flowing around your feet and gently rising. And as it rises it's going to gather all that is negative – negative in the sense that it holds you in the now. It is going to gather it and draw it upwards, taking with it all negativity to the light from cleansing and leaving behind you bathed in the light of love. Feel it surround you, feel it enshroud you and know that you are loved unconditionally, without strings.

And I would ask that you love yourself as this, unconditionally, for you are a beautiful beautiful soul, each one of you are individualised but in truth are one soul. If you could see the beauty that we see when we look down upon you and see the glow, you would wonder at it.

I will leave you now with these words that I ask you to think on. I would ask that you say to yourself, I am peace. Say it quietly, say it slowly, say it several times so that you feel the word. Feel it resonate within you and as it becomes your truth you will feel the layers peeling away, the anxieties, the fear and so many other aspects of physical that seems so real. Feel them drift away and you will be peace. Blessings and love to you all.

P Thank you Christa.

J Bless you and thank you. …

J Carolyn can you give voice to the spirit that is with you please?

C Well they are actually sitting down now, lots and lots of men in red and they are sitting down on my right and they are all facing Peter and they are actually waiting for him to speak to them.

P Sorry, who?

C Men in red. Can you see them?

P No.

C Oh.

J Monks robes?

C Mm. Black hair, red robes.

P Dark red?

C Mm. For some reason I've got my hand up. No idea why.

J A form of Buddhist blessing.

P Mm.

C Oh. Lots of red.

P A 'sending-energy' blessing. Then I welcome them and would ask why they have come?

P ^The gathering en-masse such as has been an occasion of this evening has the capacity to engender trust. Trust not only between the individuals physically present but also those spiritually present, a joining together in purpose and relationship for a greater purpose than any one individual may accomplish alone. The opportunity is ripe for the engagement of multiple minds. The opportunity of that is seized in order to bring precious knowledge present in concentrated form. The knowledge is not new, it is merely a required repetition.

The assertion of the spiritual understanding is periodically necessary to counter accumulated error in human understanding and institutional knowing as created by those individuals themselves incapable of direct perception, who must worry and interpret according to the dictates of their personal knowledge acquired scholastically. This is not wrong, but it leaves the opportunity for error to migrate and multiply. There is nothing seriously wrong with error, but from the level at which there is no error because of complete familiarity, then the observation of that multiplication and accumulation of error is merely tracked, and when there is sufficient threshold, another missive into humanity is engineered. And so it has been in these days and weeks and years, for this country has sufficient benign acceptance of diverse thought, whereby what from the accumulated and institutionalised perspective can be seen as radical from the standpoint of accumulated error, it is nevertheless accepting by virtue of the principles of open society.

So we have at this time in this early century taken the opportunity to bequeath again another lengthy statement about what we see as being potentially useful for those curious individuals who would know more than what is the nature of their next meal. And so it has been delivered and it is able to be partaken of by any who choose.

We give blessings upon the cumulative endeavour undertaken primarily within this small assembly as being the means by which the energetic realities, by which we mean the spiritual existence, has been declared valid again, in spite of many ongoing and continuing invitations to the contrary, as in each one present there is some degree of scepticism, unwillingness, confusion, misattribution, historically determined belief, such as to constitute a larger or smaller impediment to the easy, rational flow of information such as we have sought to deliver. But through the goodwill and generosity of all present in combination, the task is done, for which we thank you. As was observed moments ago, be at peace, and love one another. We depart.

J Bless you.

Pm Thank you. …

P What's happening to those guys?

C They've just gone.

P Yes, I thought so. Is your hand tired yet?

C Mm-mm.

P I thought so ;-) … I'd like to have a little catch-up in relation to where we all are in relation to the observations and what we've sensed and felt, seen or heard so far? How have you got on, Heidi?

H I didn't. I'm having a bit of a problem with my shoulder this evening and I'm just wrapped up with myself at the moment.

P OK. I hope you feel able to request any energy work directly or silently from those in spirit. Don't forget to ask.

H OK, thank you.

P How about you, Jan?

Jn I just feel very heavy and a kind of feeling of falling asleep and waking up, but I'm not. That's just what's happening.

P If you do fall asleep you don't have far to fall.

Jn ;-) thank you.

P Richard?

R I've been feeling similar to Jan, quite heavy but relaxed. And I had no perceptions particularly, in fact I was just drifting – every now and again my head nodded – which is a sign of being relaxed.

C It's just that couch really, it's like that. ;-)

P No, I suspect that Richard's tired and Jan's picking up on it. Or mutual reinforcement maybe? ;-)

R Probably.

P Janet? J I very much appreciated Pamela's introduction. It was really nice to be able to put those regrets away and hope that they are permanently taken away. I did at one stage encounter an entity who talked about taking on board the feeling of peace and taking it to work tomorrow.

P That'd be good, a welcome change!

J So thank you Pamela, that was great.

P Pamela?

Pm I enjoyed the energy from our red army as they marched in, it was beautiful, the monks. The strength of their energy was really lovely, and a lovely message. And just as you spoke I was feeling that 'being joined'. Different energies were joining us but I'm not aware of it now, of course.

P Carolyn?

C I love the monks. I'm still sitting up on a mountain in Nepal with them. I'm not letting them go, they're my mates.

Pm Beautiful energy, wasn't it!

C Way cool !! And my arm has come back again. And what about you, great wise one?

P I'm having quite a lot of difficulty in seeing tonight. I'm not quite sure why that is.

C It's those new glasses. ;-) Sorry. Maybe you don't have to?

P I always prefer to.

C I just heard 'blind spot.' Why'd I get blind spot?

P Sometimes I think it's an issue of trust, that even though one cannot see, to – yeah, it's the 'blind faith' aspect, to just respond without sight.

Pm Instead of seeing, sense; feel.

P Yep. …

C Is someone thinking about a car accident?

P What are you picking up.

C Accidents, cars. Dunno. Over that way, a car accident between here and Cambridge.

P Fatality?

C Yep.

P When?

C I don't know, I just feel in shock, so I don't know. (accident victim AV) My blood is cold. It's supposed to be warm. It's cold. Why is it cold?

P Welcome here. It may well be cold where you are. What happened:

AV What the fuck am I doing? It's not right.

P Sorry, can't hear you?

C He's angry. He's stuck. He's angry, he wants to get out. He's young and really angry.

P You can pull yourself free, just don't expect your physical body to come with you. Tell us what you see.

C He's still stuck.

P Do you have regrets?

AV Sorry, Mum :-(

P Yes. Who do you leave behind?

AV My mum and my little brother, who thought I was so cool.

P Mm-mm. You set him a bad example, unfortunately.

AV Yep, I was being super-cool. I think I've hurt other people as well. It's a bit of a mess. (sniffles) Shit, I stuffed up, eh.

P Seems like it. Is anybody else still around you?

AV There's a girl in the car but she's alright. It feels better, it feels lighter.

P Mm, do you know what happens now?

AV I don't know, I'm lifting up, wow!

P Good. You can travel quickly. Do you know where to go?

AV Yep.

P Good, then go with our blessings, and contemplate your life. … Done?

C Yep.

P Good. Anybody else get imagery from that?

J No.

R Was that just recent or was it in the past?

C I don't know. It just felt like a sudden shock to me.

J What did you pick up, Richard?

R I didn't pick up anything.

C Well I'm channelling to the girl (G) in the car.

P Single car or multiple?

C He hit somebody else but the other car's alright. Well, they're not seriously hurt. She's a bit pissed off with her boyfriend for dying on her! ;-)

J It's something that would be hard to forget.

R Mm.

P I'm getting something green on the right hand side at our sort of level. I don't know whether its got any correlation with your perceptions, Carolyn. It might be an opportunity to connect to the young woman.

C Mm. Green light, a green ball of light. What's that?

P What did you see?

C I don't know, what do you think it is? I can't work it out.

P I'm presuming it's just a link, a connection, a spiritual energy transfer of some kind for her benefit.

C It's a relative of hers visiting her, bringing her courage. That's cool. … Can we give her energy? She's got something stuck through her stomach. That's alright she's unconscious now so she's OK.

P Is she at risk of dying?

C No I think she's alright. That's weird, it's gone.

P How's your shoulder, Heidi?

H It's eased considerably thank you.

P Good. … If there is nothing else specifically going on for anybody, can I suggest that we link ourselves to each other energetically and ascend as far as we can. … Any perception of change?

J A very bright light!

P Good! … For me there is a subtle sensation of being above with a capacity to look over and down whereas before I seemed to be further down. And now I have a different sound in my ears, the subtle sensation of the sound of energy. A kind of mountain-top feeling. …

J I didn't relate to the comment you made about the change in the sound in your ears until just now.

P One could think of it as tinnitus but I think it's a sensation of energy pitch and at a higher level the sound is higher and somehow more even, more constant. …

J I heard a voice say “why do you doubt? Why do you doubt? Why not simply commit to the feelings of the moment?”

P And what are your answers to those questions?

J Why not indeed?

P These are subtle and meaningful perceptions. …

Jn I'm experiencing a lot of pain down my right arm, shoulder.

J Where does it come from?

Jn Don't know, it's coming from my shoulder, the back of my neck?

J Who owns the pain?

H Heidi.

P Good tracking!

J We thank you for taking it from her, and we ask that you expel the pain of your own body and send it beyond the confines of this room to be buried deep within the earth and to be cleansed therein.

P Did you get any colour perceptions in association with the pain?

Jn No.

P Because my attention was attracted towards something over in that direction which was initially yellow and then red, but I didn't know what it was. It may have been a flow of energy from you to Heidi.

Jn My head felt as though it was going to explode.

P Are you familiar with the feelings in the chakras?

Jn No.

P The feeling in the top of the head is the uppermost, the 7th chakra and in the forehead of course there is the 6th, but sometimes there is a sense of tightness around the head as if one gets a band of pressure. Was it a bit like that?

Jn Yep.

P So that is an energy-level interaction on the level of the 6th or 7th chakra, it's nothing to do with the physical, so don't misinterpret it to be physical. It's registered through those physical kind of sensations, but it's not on that level.

Jn OK.

P So one can direct that sort of thing out of oneself again and into the earth or into vegetation of some kind which seems to be very effective in transmuting that kind of energy and negating it or dissolving it without harm. There's been a shift in the energy as I'm sensing it, a kind of lightening, somehow softer and smoother and calmer and less dense. So that was a good thing to have done, Jan.

Jn OK. …

P Richard I believe you have a visitor, a person of some stature behind you.

R I think I can vaguely feel a presence.

P Just slightly to your right behind you, I think. We would welcome any interaction with that presence.

R I would like to know for what purpose the entity is there and whether is any message for me?

P It seems principally to be bringing peace and tranquillity to you.

R I certainly am feeling increasingly peaceful.

P I think seeking only acknowledgement from you and to lovingly contribute to you.

R I appreciate that contribution and acknowledge it gratefully.

P And they are available to you in your quiet times. … They seem to be moving back again. … Pamela, is there somebody that you are sensing around you?

Pm Yes, but just with me. A still, welcoming presence. …

P We seem to have changed level and lost some subtle sense of loss or weight or grief or some such. Is it somebody known to you?

Pm Are you directing that to me, Peter?

P Yes I am.

Pm I feel a connection but not beyond that. But I feel a subtle energy on the other side of the room on my left, a seeking, someone seeking, but I wasn't connecting with it.

P That identity that was close to you seems to have surfed off on your energy somehow ;-) A bit like a glider riding the wave. They came in close, sucked in some energy and rose up and now they're gone. That's pretty cool! What are your perceptions of this other identity to your left?

Pm I didn't connect, I just sensed a questioning type of energy over towards Richard, over that way. It was about the time you said there was a cooling, a shift.


Pm I'm not as aware of it now.

P Mm. …

J I think we're done.

P I thought I saw someone come in close to you, Janet?

J And that's why they said “and so we are done.” I think, but has anybody else got any further -

H I just want to say thank you for the energy above my shoulder which was quite excruciating at one stage, so thank you.


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