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20080827 Angel_Hydra A note on line usage; herein used to indicate a transition between recorded tracks, each created automatically by speech absence being longer that the defined duration of ~15 seconds. I title each one separately by track contents but retain the recording date & time to identify them as a contiguous recording.

Invocation not transcribed P I have the impression that someone has come from somewhat above and far away and spiralled down in front and a little lower, with the attitude of obeisance and as if kneeling in respect, being in a position of a little lower. And I couldn’t help but think ‘what a wonderful hook for incipient or actual grandiosity!’ R Mm. And what was the feeling about the entity or the energy? P Actually a gentle feminine energy. And the curiosity of it was that that attitude of giving respect seemed entirely genuine. Which is really surprising. R And yet you are saying you distrusted it, or distrusted your reaction to it? P Recognised it as a possible … like, if I were unaware, if I were not awake to its potential, it would be quite easy to respond as if that attitude were true, and that would be a wonderful hook for the ego. And so I’m very watchful for that sort of thing and automatically negate it, though I recognise its attractiveness. R (Did) the being wish to talk? P I don’t think so, although I have felt my brow chakra activate. R (I have felt) the rear aspect of the 6th chakra being active. P I think that’s because there is somebody behind you, as if with their hands on your shoulders, that sort of thing. P I ask for cleansing and centring and balancing for us both as a way of seizing this opportunity for increasing balance and eliminating barriers to communication of any kind. R I certainly feel a greater calmness than I did before. P Yes, I was just noticing that. R For which I’m most grateful. P I’m noticing the activation of the rear aspect of the second and/or third chakra level. A sensitive opening up to awareness. I’ve never felt awareness in that rear aspect level. R Welcome. Through Peter ^We come on this occasion to once again celebrate with you the participation in these activities. Our intention on this occasion is to facilitate your requests as best we are able. And we note that not every request is able to be either acknowledged nor actioned by us, for there are mitigating factors that sometimes supersede the availability of the things that are asked for by you. Nevertheless on this occasion those limitations are very small indeed, and that is a direct consequence of the by now well-practiced faculty of not only individually making oneself open, but extending and sharing that as a group. We would note that the third party is present, and we would acknowledge and greet the absent Janet in her presence. So we come this night to facilitate both your own process individually and as a group, by saying that on the outgoing tide of your lives, there will be many and rich opportunities for participating with others in this class of activity, as well as those others which you choose from a sense of egoic gratification and involvement with others of like mind. And we refer, of course, to the activity featuring in this day, that of the public entertainment through the voice. That is an option for every one of these three should they choose it, and if not necessarily in the short term then in the longer term. For the other two than the one currently manifesting this activity, both have barriers to the easy, relaxed, joyful production, and we would support any intention developed to systematically address those blockages on the egoic level as they happen to exist, and eliminate them. For the rest, there are some aspects which we would discuss at this time, beginning as follows: Into this group is due to arrive a fourth member. We understand perfectly well that that fourth member would constitute, initially, a disruptive influence to the easy relaxed and harmonious condition on both the mental and energetic levels of those present. And so we offer this as an opportunity and an option to be elected or not as you choose. The capacity of that fourth member is considerable. She is known to two of these three already. Not in the immediate short term but the slightly longer short term is the time-frame, and by this we refer to a potential period of 6 months from the present, so there is time to become accustomed to the idea as well as for that person to come to a condition of greater quiescence than is currently the case. It will only proceed with the successful result of a joint interview, which itself is the result of a jointly issued invitation for just such an interview. For the qualities of this group are highly dependent upon sanction, mutual surveillance, and mutual acceptance. You are sanctioned by us. The surveillance amongst you is from a condition of a warm and open heart, eager to facilitate not only each individually, but each other jointly. From that attitude of warm mutual regard there is easily developed a connection both between yourselves and to us. It would be against the interests of all of us were that to be disturbed in any way, and so we broach this in terms of potential possibility and nothing more than that. Were it to be rejected, there would be no harm done. Were it to be accepted, there would be the possibility that as a result of the added energy present there could be further explorations on the part of every member present into aspects of the domain which you all occupy and share with us. So as in the last exercise of potential group expansion, there are these aspects to consider. Naturally the compatibility aspect of being joined by a person of similar age is to minimise the potential disruption and the addition of the fourth member retains the option of the present degree of harmony and balance and in this instance there is no agenda of lesson or teaching which is being invoked by this suggestion, as the group is at this point thoroughly aware of the disruptive capacity of somebody not of good and harmonious heart. The other matter we would address at this time is that of another who would come present, with your permission. That identity is to be observed low on the right. If you were willing, they could be brought present. R I am willing. ^And observe their approach. Notice the shift in energy. Notice the sense of something significant in proximity, and of a sense of the identity rising up to a position closely beneath you. This is an unusual opportunity and we will be prolific in our descriptions. This is a group entity, not a single entity. It is a condition and configuration you have not met before. It is generally of goodwill, but not of high status, and we speak in terms of hierarchy in that instance. There is mostly internally directed attention, with only peripheral attention whereby only you yourselves are observed by it and we are not observed at all. The task is to disestablish its internal focus, to separate one aspect from another in order to disentangle the stable internal focus by which that cluster of individuals is self-entranced. We await your suggestions as to how to approach this task and will return shortly. P What are your perceptions, Richard? R I had perceptions like a hydra, a sea-serpent but with many heads. But it didn’t seem to be internally focussed, it seemed to be looking out. Perhaps there’s an aspect of it that isn’t clear to me. It’s like there are a bulk, a mass of it, and it’s just the heads are the external eyes. P I’ve never seen anything like it. R What did you see? P To me it resembled something like the top of a mushroom or toadstool, like a big rounded mass, as you say, not being able to see the lower extent of it but just viewing it from above. It seemed to be partitioned to some extent. It was hard to determine. I didn’t sense the kind of hydra aspect, the multi-headed aspect that you allude to, but which is why I describe that inward-turning focus of attention, and yet there was some attention, some regard or identification of our presence in relation to it. That wasn’t so strong for me. Do you remember that experience you had where that conglomerate was brought present to us and we were told just to watch, just observe, and it was dismembered into its individual parts and each part was sent rocketing away into the distance. We were just spectators then, and it seemed to be a group entity which was extremely negative, each member of which had been severely traumatised so had gathered with those of like mind to form a mutually negatively influencing construct. It was taken to bits and sent back piecemeal, presumably because the individual soul fragments had never gone back or had conglomerated away from the light instead of going back individually. And this perhaps is a less extreme form of that. It’s really hard for me to know. R We know that it’s a group and it’s inwardly focussed but with some awareness of us. I suppose a strategy is to capture its attention as best we can. P The idea that comes to my mind is to exert some degree of will. R Mm. I was going to suggest throwing rocks at it. ;-) Perhaps not.. For me, the heads were either one or two eyes, very small, almost sea-serpent-like and moving back and forth watchfully, perhaps, but not necessarily looking at us. So if the awareness is there but it’s not particularly focussed, perhaps we need to capture its attention by will or by consciously engaging the external sensory aspect of it in some way. P The other thought I just had was to invoke large amounts of light as a strategy by which to attract its attention and change its inward focus. I’m just wondering how it could be engaged. I would be happy to act as conveyor of dialogue if there were any to be conveyed. Another image I’ve just had is of using some technique to explode it. R Is the object of the exercise to do that, or is to split it up into its various fragments, or … P Well if it is self-entangled, if that was the phrase, then it would in that state not be very susceptible to engagement on the individual level, and yet I wonder if it’s a precondition that if it’s got itself into a tangle which is going nowhere and has no future and who knows how long it’s been in that state, otherwise why would it have been brought present, presumably to disrupt its current state or allow … and the statement was that collectively it had no awareness of the ones that brought it here. So to explode it would presumably enable the bits to deflect their attention away from that entangled state and observe something else around them, and they might be able to deal with them in bits but not collectively. I don’t know if this is an exercise for us to make some choices and see what happens in their interest. I wonder if the prior example is exactly that, an example of what could be done, and we don’t need to scratch our heads over what to do, because that was an example. So to disassemble it and thereby allow intervention from the spiritual level rather than us having to counsel each individual. R Right. I wonder whether our role is simply to make it more aware of the outside and perhaps bring the higher spiritual planes to their attention, and that may be sufficient to achieve whatever is necessary. If we consciously try to separate out all the individuals we may be making a choice that is not in their best interests. That seems to be stepping a bit outside … We’re making choices about the future of the group rather than letting it happen or somehow letting them choose by changing awareness. P Presumably we could do something by which to capture the attention of the group as a whole, because I suspect that our role is as catalyst, not as total problem-solver. Once the situation is catalysed, then presumably the higher energies can be brought present to do whatever is necessary. I presume we don’t need to take care of every little detail. R I agree with that. P As modus operandi it’ll have to do, and if we get it wrong … R It’s a learning experience. I presume there are others looking after us and the interests of the group. P So what are we gonna do? ? There is an idea of wilful thought projection, wilful light projection, or the wilful shout, the silent shout, and all those may be different aspects of the one thing, to address the group and shout “wake up!”, or something, but do it in a constructive spiritual force rather than specifically mental or physical. Of course the other thing is just to ask for specifics, recognising that actually we don’t have much clue. So I’d like to ask for a description of the optimal path for best result, whatever that may be. … We seem to reconnect (with guidance) very swiftly and efficiently. ^We would counsel the mental gathering of intention into a wave conveying a sudden peak flow by which to direct that mental intention and wilful projection to impact that clustered identity with an event that gathers its attention. Once that has been done then we may act. P The thought which comes is just projecting a “wake-up!” R ^A wave of energy, a wave of thought. P Yes. If we wait for a minute while we gather energy from the higher levels and are the conduit through which that wake-up all can be directed specifically and focussed. So I think just imagine filling up with intention, inviting and gathering, concentrating and building a powerful jet of love, encoded with the message ‘wake-up.’ Are you feeling the energy build? R Mm! P It’s a bit like stretching a catapult. I suggest we just leave it to build. I don’t think we need in synchronised fashion to direct it. I think it will just build and build until it reaches a trigger point and then go. (has it) Gone? R I think it must have. It was very close. It zoomed right up. P The impression I have is of a great threshing about. R Yes, I had an impression of agitation. R I don’t think it’s there. I don’t know. P It’s kind of faded from view, hasn’t it. R I think it’s sunk out of sight, almost. P It’s just a remnant. At least that was my interpretation. These things are so faint, aren’t they! R I’m still getting used to believing them, or trying to work with whatever image comes up. In fact, the image I’ve got is of the tiny, tiny remnant left, but the hydra heads are still there and linked back to this tiny little remnant lump. There’s a couple of them anyway P Is that right! That’s really interesting! I’d like to try something with that, because the question is, what caused it to form in the first place? Let’s imagine that it’s some form of parasitic organism that collects disenfranchised identities … R That sucks them up like a vacuum cleaner? P I wonder if that’s why it happens, given the recent talk about parasites, it might in fact be a parasitic form on a group level rather than an individual level. If that’s the case, then how could we deal to it? R I had this impression of confronting the heads. They’re down there and looking from side to side but not looking directly at us, but of confronting them and causing them to wither and retreat. P Yeah, I’ve had a couple of fantasies of tying their heads in a knot or together as a way of collectively throttling them. ;-) Because if it is a parasitic something which does this whereby to effectively prey on suitable human identities, then the idea of immobilising or killing or … R Banishing. I’m not sure about that, because do they not have a purpose in the scheme of things? If so, what is it? If there is something that needs to be done, perhaps our role is merely to as before act as a conduit for energy or awareness raising or confrontation. P Yeah, and yet if these are parasitic species as infest the human and debilitate them, and I think I dealt to a couple during a healing on Janet a couple of weeks ago, then why would anybody tolerate a parasite? R So are you saying the cluster in the centre was actually human souls rather than something else? P That was more or less my presumption. The result was that human souls were entangled by it or entranced by it or something like that. Presumably it was deriving energy from them in whatever process that it took, and delaying their return to wherever they should go as a means of existence and propagation, presumably, in its own right. There are so many questions here I wonder whether it’s appropriate to ask for what to do, and a full discussion and description and clarification as a precursor to doing anything, otherwise we are acting in total ignorance. R Yeah, because that was offered before, wasn’t it? P Yep. R I think that would be a good move. ^This is the species directly responsible for the myth of the hydra. These species have been observed throughout human history and given different names in different cultures. Their propagation through time in the human domain has rendered their description as mythical creatures almost unrecognisable in some respects, but the sensing of the direct form directly on the spiritual domain level and location of their existence and propagation allows again the disentanglement from the artistic inventiveness of a long series of illustrators, from the spiritual level reality. Therefore at some future time it may be possible for you to recognise more versus less accurate renditions of this species in the artistic museums of the world. So we bring this species to your attention as another example of the legitimate creatures which inhabit not only the physical domain but also the spiritual domain. For that is their realm, and they do not occupy the physical form at all while it is located within the physical domain. Theirs is an opportunistic exploitation of the disoriented human, and their role is to bring them into such clusters as you observed so as to bring to themselves the willing attention and therefore energy obtainable from such human-form identities as they magnetise into a condition of entrancement. The condition of entrancement is not any different in essence from the entrancement of the human-form identity within the physical domain. Therefore it is not difficult for such a self-absorbed self-entranced identity to be collected and manipulated by that parasitic species. We confirm that that is an appropriate terminological description of that species for, from such clusters as you observed, those semi-intelligent projecting forms progressively detach and hence propagate, leaving the clustered identity more or less securely bound together until there is an intervention such as has just happened. We confirm in this minute that the operation was successful. With the exception of one individual, that infesting organism has been rendered asunder and detached from the cluster of human-form identities which had gathered and coalesced together. So the operation was successful. The modality of the operation was appropriate. The accumulated energy was sufficient, so the event can be regarded as a success. It is our prerogative and our capacity to deal with the remaining situation. The difficulty in this instance was that as a group, that cluster had no ability to perceive us because its level was too low. So the event is describable as educational and for your benefit. Under other circumstances of greater need there is the possibility for them to be dealt with by a specific team, if we may use that terminology, but in this instance it was both convenient and useful to utilise your intervention in these ways. So there is no further action required on your part. The results are conclusively positive. The individuals encaptured by that organism have already been directed to their proper place and there is a degree of celebration at their late arrival. We understand that these things are not perceptible by you, and that does not matter. So we would that on this occasion the ready acceptance and willingness to involve yourselves with this class of action be held in awareness and a similar willingness to involve yourselves will be asked of you again, for the process of enlightenment continues apace. We thank you for your involvement. R Thank you for the experience! P Well! The things that go bump in the night!! ? R That was extraordinary! The word hydra came to mind, but I guess I must have seen a drawing of some sort with serpent-like heads or eyes or … Mm. P I’d always wondered where on earth did that idea come from ! It’s so bizarre! I suppose clusters of snakes maybe. I didn’t sense anything feminine about that, did you? [but was here confusing Hydra with Medusa. Googled for hydra, found Hercules ] R But that was the first one. It’s really odd to think of those kinds of species around. I think of the spiritual domain as more pure and light. So why are we learning about these things? P And yet these are not light realms we are encountering. But this is an opportunity for us as individuals trained into scepticism and science, and yet also with a willingness to explore and learn this stuff and also to describe it again in ways which are not bound within any particular religious tradition. So I can only presume it’s an opportunity to get a different take on this stuff which can then be another vantage point to be compared with the stuff like we’ve got over there (pointing to Guan Yin on the wall) So are there really flying dragons and roosters in combat? And I’ve never seen a cherub yet! ;-) We might be in luck one day. R Last week we had something similar, a youthful spiritual figure. P And that first figure that came tonight down there and knelt down! To me it was slight with some of the qualities of a little Japanese or Javanese or similar woman. Feminine, slightly curvy qualities but not particularly, with a lovely gentle feminine feeling, and somehow this quality of potential if not actual respect and adoration. What do you call that???! I’ve no idea. R I wonder what that was all about? P Don’t know. R Should we ask? P Gee you come up with some good ideas! You’re absolutely right, it’s totally appropriate to be curious and to not let the opportunity slip away. R ^Their message (is) that it was a gift for us, an expression of love from another realm. An acknowledgement of our sitting in focus. P I’ll accept that gift. R Perhaps there’s more? P The energy that was just with you has come across. ^That is your first introduction to a member of another realm entirely. Their abode is of the clear light. It is rare that one ventures so far. That is the sense in which it is a gift, for this group is known now and appreciated for its potential, and particularly the potential to articulate again the fact of love in this domain. And so an emissary was sent, and the feeling was conveyed accurately. The response of scepticism was a measured one, and on future occasions it would be appropriate to withhold the scepticism and merely recognise the validity of such an emissary, and the pure spiritual intent behind it, conveying only love. For in that realm there is nothing else, and yet within that realm there is an awareness of other places, other zones, where there are distinctly different categories of experience, far more difficult than they endure, which is responsible for the attitude of respect for those such as yourselves who have come here. This is a difficult zone to endure. That is the realm that is commonly identified as angelic. The realm of the angels is not normally visited by humans, hence the necessity on this occasion for that individual to travel far from its natural home in order to find you and bring the peace in that blessing that has been delivered to you. R Thank you! … I saw it as a more Tinkerbell-like entity, and she was facing you. That was a real privilege, I think. P It’s so peaceful. We must be doing something right. R It feels good that I’m starting to get the impressions and to get some judgements around those things. P It’s so easy to be dismissive. To see something and think “what was that? Oh, that can’t be right!”

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