20190317 prc Relinquishing protection_Text series

^We come on this occasion in order to elucidate several things:
The first is the classic conflict with the erstwhile friend C
. Even as she disbelieves the narrative, she is now required by her own promises to be respectful. This comprises a point of deviation in her willingness to accord civility to you and any other professing such patterns of belief as consorting with spirits. It will do her no good in the end, in the sense that she is recalcitrant and now extremely unlikely to change her fundamental stance during this lifetime. That does not matter. Nevertheless the convey
ng of the idea that the fundamental necessity for relationship is driven by karma is a new idea and her first encountering of that quality of imperative as driving present relationship in her life.
Given the confronting of her, the necessity to maintain armed status has lessened even further. This has allowed the 'departure', and we would qualify the term departure to indicate a retiring of a tendency, rather than its unmitigated absence. The quality of energy within the identity has been further changed by that disempowerment, to use that terminology, of that sub-personality. So it is not a separate identity but a tendency wit
in the subconscious personality
by the sense of threat carried into this life from deaths in others. In that sense, it was elected to be retained by you as a subconscious factor enlivening this life. And fortunately, never triggered into action. Therefore there is no necessity to invoke the clearance procedure in the meditation group today, which is the primary reason we articulate these things at this time. That would only be confusing for them as it being fully subconscious, therefore not manifesting in the perception of any other person, it would be a null event in their experience.
That leaves another set of questions, in this instance related to an anticipated chapter in the 'Southern Nights' text currently being assembled, which pertains to the distinctions which can be drawn between apparent intelligence and accessing of the higher self. Given that the higher self is discounted, dishonoured, untaught and denied in the teaching at the academic level in this country and more broadly than that, there is currently little recognition of the extent to which such connection events can contribute to the impression that intelligence is unusually active within any individual, and particularly during their youth. Therefore to provide a framework by which such excellence can be described has utility. It need be carefully delineated between natural intelligence resident within the lower mind, and some attributes will be given by which to differentiate the functioning of one from the intervention from the higher level.
These latter texts are intended to expand upon and clarify the implications of understanding derived from the model sets already given. They do not substitute for them; they do not replace them or delimit them in any way, but are intended to provide explanatory context so as to provide an intermediate scaffolding between contemporary life and attributions made from the materialist worldview and extending upon that, to illustrate alternative explanations derived from the spiritual worldview, the points of commonality and difference, and an attempt to provide a non-reified explanatory metaphor set in support of our goals for the interpretation of spiritual existence as fact. This will take some years to deliver in full. The changes in the preferred resting place in Riverton fully support that.