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>These conflicts as listed above are the work of integration for the personality into the mature identity. If any are not included, then a restructuring will be only partial, therefore not complete. It has taken you many years to achieve the limited integration provided for you already, and not a moment too soon. If it had been delayed for only a year then the work of this year and the last would have been lost to you.

We note the developments of today* and wish them to be noted well for their potential. The beginnings of the first stage can commence immediately by enquiring again from the Pratt if augmenting your degree with other study is worthwhile. Ethics would assist, as would morality. Best would be anthropology, then social and moral philosophy. We will of course assist you to gain exceptional marks as it is in our interests also.

*Obtained info from careers adviser Marg Rickard @ Uni. Also reference to “In the Twilight of Western Thought” by Doyerweerd? from Alf Harris, and checked the Uni Calender. MPhil would be a lot of work. I will reevaluate after Dip. RS.

P As I awoke this morning I heard an invitation to masturbate from something/one who identified me as Peter and by implication, itself as not-Peter. I identified it as not myself, therefore an intruder, and proceeded to energetically extrude it from me. This seemed to leave me calmer, and I think I slept again. Today I have been feeling good and felt warm towards Trish when I met her tonight. Please discuss this event in detail, including its antecedents, causes and consequences.

>We have been waiting for the question, knowing it would assume some importance for you.

1. It was a pre-ordained event in the sense that it was a test of your ability to exercise your control over your energetic aspect to the extent of eliminating an intruder single-handed, so to speak.

2. Your skill with your energy was such as to speedily extradite the process in its entirety, with the result of forcing beyond your boundaries the intruder placed there with your higher aspect’s explicit agreement as part of the test.

3 When such as this has occurred, it is normal to feel good, in that a perceived threat has been overcome, to the gratitude of your other aspects, who generate the feeling for you to experience.

4 If the test had not been overcome in its entirety or completed in one act, that would have been an indicator of your unreadiness to pass any future tests such as are planned but not yet undergone. This would have jeopardised your intended future as currently foreseen, and rendered you more imperilled than before.

5 The increase in goodwill was merely a restoration to a prior state of goodwill and harmony from the recent disharmony normally experienced as a consequence of invasion by an unfriendly discarnate entity into your energetic self, with the inevitable loss of energy that results. The loss of energy produces a perceived deficit and creates fear, which produces imagined further loss of energy. This downward spiral has been your experience many times. You know it well, and its consequences; descent into despair. This has been avoided on this occasion, to your consequent relief. Hence your buoyancy of today.

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