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Within the scope so far of the 21st century, there has been accumulated a substantial record concerning the numinous, that ephemeral region contacted in dream and vision, whereby is established a connection to the foundation of existence, traditionally identified as the Way of Daoism, Brahman of Hinduism, God of Christianity and Islam,
esh of Judaism. This realm is all-encompassing and a foundation of existence. In the language of the ancients and shamanism, it has been given many names. We prefer the ancient Chinese term the Dao by which to refer to that realm out of which has come all of life and existence.
There is much terminological confusion across time and religion, and cutting through that is a necessity to dis-establish competitive thought and achieve unity through recognition of the rich diversity in the record, whereby were it counted, the domain would be deemed factual. If it were deemed factual, it would be universally taught as such and every school would contain it within its curriculum. Given the diversity of cultures, in many instances competing with one another; the diversity of languages, leading to lack of mutual intelligibility; and the urge for dominance within every tradition, there has yet to be achieved a global agreement of the most fundamental of statements. Interfaith dialogue is a small beginning. A more general and scientifically validated approach is overdue by which to arrive at a consensus on the basics. Should this be achieved, then through continuing history, the divisions between spiritual traditions will slowly decrease.
The value in that is supportable by the idea of a global citizen, consciously aware of multiple traditions, the history that divides them, and a cooperative endeavour to unite them. We propose the following:
When at a high enough (social) level the recognition of the desirability of interreligious conflict is merely historical, then an active path can be undertaken to conceptually join them. If in addition, that path is supported by the highest quality analytics and sufficient resources to provide that, then in due time, that unification can be progressively achieved. We have provided a contemporary record accumulated in a peaceful corner of the world, whereby a small group of individuals have been motivated by us to sit for many, many long hours, by which to acquire a large quantity of digital recordings and their translation into text. The associated experiential learning of mysticism and spiritual knowing has been sufficient to emulate every traditional perspective in its essence. Freshly articulated in the language of English, it forms a solid foundation by which to be compared with the history of the world.
That this was the task, was withheld from those participants. And explicitly to avoid the formation of yet another religion. Rather, it is a contemporary expression of eternal verities, prepared in such a manner to suit a post-modern worldview.
Its promise is to provide a reference point against which all the knowledge of history can be compared. And of course, we speak of spiritual understanding. There has been insufficient time even yet for the endless accumulated complexity to have arisen within it. And yet its reach is equal to the best of historical description. That it can be described as such is bound to be contentious, for anyone holding a knowledge of a particular religious understanding or even several, is prone to reject it out of hand as being heretical. The problem is with the attitude and not the fact of its existence.
So we come on this occasion again in order to outline these things. This very coming into the presence to donate the intended presents is part of a long term strategy developed in consultation between two reunited reintegrated nodes of Dao-consciousness, historically identifiable as celestial bodhisattvas, as we have recently made plain. To anyone for whom that terminology has meaning, then they will naturally be positively disposed towards this transmission. Anyone for whom the
term bodhisattva is alien, foreign or merely unknown, may be biased against this expression of love. For that is its intention, that is its purpose, that is its provision and that is our contribution to the world.