20060204 prcjlo restless spirit evicted

4/02/2006 prcjlo restless spirit evicted


Prcjlo 20060204 Through Janet:

^There abides within you a restless spirit which seeks release, and manifests itself through a sense of impatience, and urge to create or destroy.

P How may we assist the release?

^You may envision this spirit, and cast about it a golden white light that will cause it to retreat, in that such spirit does not bear recognition. To make the retreat finite, one needs to enunciate the intention that one wishes this intrusion to be gone.

P May I enunciate that on my friends behalf, or must she?

^You may do that for her.

P In that case, thank you very much for that information and permission. I thereby ask that all assistance be available to facilitate the instantaneous retreat of that identity, never to return. And that the place of its being (in Janet) be filled with that golden white light; that all of the impact on the being and personality of my friend be eliminated as rapidly as is available, with the understanding that there be clear evidence of the change; that those changes be made understandable; that the bias introduced by the residence of that being be made plain, so that she may see clearly the impact, and the alleviation as a result of its departure. I ask that that be employed now, and that any residue be quickly (indistinct) and eliminated; that she be brought to peace, and that that interloper be banished to its proper place; that the understanding of the full depth of the causes be made clear to my friend in her conscious understanding, and witness that it be done.

^And so it is done. May you experience the joy and freedom that results from such cleansing, and may you nurture your inner strength, your inner being, your inner identity to a state that is able to withstand the intrusions of such beings, who are at all times seeking areas of weakness through which they may encroach in order to utilise the incarnate strengths to wreak havoc. And with this we leave you.

P Bless you, friend, and thank you for helping us.

J Are you going to turn it off? I’ll start to sing if you don’t ... Ba ba ...

P(quickly) OK, I think that’s enough ... ;-)

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