20190107 prc Full spectrum living unreified

^The ubiquity of knowledge concerning spectra, enables the concept of a spectrum of living to be a usable metaphor to point to the dimensions of living, arranged as if spread in a spectrum. The inevitable dichotomy of lower and higher can be associated with the idea of frequency. And the phenomena able to be discerned by those who access the agape frequency spectrum, with its felt impression in relation to coarseness and its antithesis,
spiritual refinement
The phenomenon of audible pitch associated with the derived sense of high frequency manifested in the aura, inevitably gives rise to the idea that higher is better. This is false.
The human animal comprises a vessel suitable for exploring many dimensions, and we will not say all, of life. The understanding obtainable from reaching into spiritual knowing, can bring a welcome relief and even escape from the sometimes uncomfortable jangled emotions and tumult associated with emotionality in the social domain. Nevertheless, all of these parameters of living are valid to explore. And one is not better than another. The ethical dilemmas of life are a potent and efficient means of acquiring understanding of karma, freedom and necessity concerning love.
And so the idea of full spectrum living is to facilitate a simple understanding that the dimensions of life comprise zones of focus by which to engage the attention and build understanding of the relationships between the many dimensions of life and its satisfactions. As an ideal, to be comfortable in occupying every location in that spectrum, enables an individual to move smoothly between attending to the inner core of values and knowing derived from the accumulated lives lived, and the particular issues associated with any contemporary life.
These domains of understanding each comprise a sub-spectrum of phenomena and interaction in all the emotional and material domains, and commonly it is only at life's end when the patterns and the trajectory are discernable. It requires a mature understanding to have sufficient breadth of knowing to be able to accurately map, and make choices based upon that knowing, in every moment of an embodied life.
And so we come on this occasion in order to provide another summary, by which to facilitate understanding in any person confused in terms of their life and its trajectory of events, happenings and unusual phenomena perceived. The spectrum of life as proposed here is a composite parameter comprising the individual personal, the individual social, the individual spiritual, as well as the multiple spiritual in terms of the collection of identities accumulated into what is commonly known as the higher self.
At every moment there is opportunity for interaction with others, be they embodied or not. And what we are referring to as the tertiary-screen level, is a useful reminder that interactions with others are natural and within an acknowledged communicative network, whether such individuals are embodied or not. This spect
um of possibility, then, if viewed in an unreified manner, maps in a simple way the potential for obtaining information concerning any other, and by reflection, oneself, in terms of sensitivities and imperatives.
This broad domain, if understood as a field of enacting a life, can bring a balanced understanding and enable a greater sense of precision in knowing the parameters affecting any particular mental or social situation. The field of physical life tends to be much simpler. The social and spiritual domains add rich complexity, very often resulting in confusion. And it is an achievement worth celebrating when any individual arrives at this degree of balanced understanding that we are referring to. For it takes many challenges overcome, before this class of smooth processing of a life can be manifested.
This is a very simplified summary that we present in only the most broad outline. And the
major emphasis is to explicitly include existence within what is usually identified as spiritual existence, as a contiguous domain to the social and physical, but without any attempt to reify that.
Seems like that's all for today.
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