20200824 prc Mapping access ways

The acquisition of tools by which to, with high confidence, access knowledge concerning boundaries and public access ways across the local territory, is an invaluable aid to establishing a network of contacts, through which a guiding may be undertaken of strangers to this country. The access details are highly specified, not often identified, but enable an argument to be made for rights with anybody who may question or even object to the passage of individuals, either yourself or others, across this countryside, with impunity, even if only relative.
So this is necessary research, in order to establish boundaries of both place and action, and especially in terms of the legalities concerned. For if a mapped access-way can be pointed to with confidence, then any objection, potential or otherwise, can be met with confident knowledge.
The degree to which this information is stored nationally is a basis on which all such decisions can be made with confidence, even when the territory is not personally known. We have therefore high confidence that were this undertaking to be pursued to any degree, then the bases by which to escort strangers around this territory can be guarded with confidence, as can such individuals. And that is a non-trivial point, given that their safety is required to be guaranteed through legally certifiable knowledge for any insurance purposes.
These are all aspects necessarily investigated for personally implementing any business activity. It is unlikely that such business activity will be undertaken by you. Therefore feel under no sense of obligation to arm yourself with such records, merely to find and utilise the information on public record and deliberately made available, in order to facilitate the passage of such individuals through the public highways and byways of this land.
Regarding the forested block proximate to the Waikaka river, the knowledge of its occupancy by a community of devas is more important than personally accessing that land. It is of course private land, therefore no acceptance is necessarily to be expected concerning access to it, even though there may be the goodwill present to permit that. Therefore through the public access within the Hamilton park, for those with suffic
ent sensitivity to reach into the knowledge concerning that via devic intercourse via intuited communication is sufficient, and that knowledge domain is complemented by a domain of a field of influence which enables communication into that population of deva.
So we come in these ways to facilitate your exploration. It does not necessarily engage any other person, but is merely to be placed on record as an example of the way in which these strands of human and devic interaction can be mapped. Whether any further activity flows on from that is a separate question and probably separately determinable by others in due time.