20060511 prc 1000 lives_ba gua

11/05/2006 prc 1000 lives_ba gua



Woke Tuesday feeling strongly impressed with the idea of :

^1000 lives per fragment, 1000 fragments per entity. Such a tidy model!

P This morning woke thinking again about Ba Gua & how to make it & how to explain the rounded shapes. The other day thought of gouging a thick viscous slurry of opposite colours, & had an image come of the corruscated remnant pile with height forming the rounded ends. This morning thought of two piles of sand of opposite colour, and how to obtain that? But that natural materials must have been used long ago when the design was created. Then wood ash & charcoal – everywhere available! And how to make a twig & bamboo scraper to generate the shape by introducing circular motion eg., side view )|( with the bamboo tied together back to back with cotton thread. That allows the cross scraper to be easily moved down to scrape the pile lower and around into the shape.

I can make a movie of this for the website! Using the webcam!

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