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10/03/2011 prc agapeschoolinz continuance_trends in relationship



^And so we would have some things to say concerning the current rends in relationship and opportunity for continuance of the AgapeSchool.

The procedures presently under way for the closure of the AgapeSchool are not optimum. The better solution is continuance. The viability of the entity identifiable as a non-natural person called AgapeSchoolinz Ltd is one of the optimal forms for the identification in an ongoing way that there is an activity, and intention, a corresponding love and a desire for influence. While it is understood that these things do not necessarily dissipate by the absence of the entity it is nevertheless preferred from our level that the entity continue even though it does not formally function.

The IRD is the appropriate authority to consult and believe, rather than the opinion of any would-be advisor. The first requirement is to establish clear guidelines from the actual authority, rather than to be inappropriately swayed by people of lesser authority and lesser knowledge. So we encourage the first-hand face-to-face consultation with those individuals whose function it is to know of the realities of the ongoing requirement for required accounting input in the absence of an identifiable business entity which is not currently functioning. That is the first thing.

The second thing is, we love you no matter what you do! :-) So feel under no obligation to please us or appease us in making the decisions that are the result of a considered judgement by you in this physical domain.

And now turning to the relationship at issue with the former lover Patricia. She has our blessings upon her life and we would prefer you to convey that fact. In her transition to new premises there will be many aspects for consideration and her response is to feel stressed by those things and it is currently the case as she has advised you. We would ameliorate those things to the extent that we may and through your agency. So it is an optimum time to convey what assistance you may in the context of your visit. So we support that and her through you by that process. That is all.

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