19991020 prc conundrum

20/10/1999 prc conundrum


1999.10.20 16:28

>There are things in motion now which you should know about. The first is the knowing of past lives will help you more than you realise. The second is that who you are will change as you explore your self further, and mind not the conundrum here. Third is the realisation that nothing matters anyway, as you are bound to reincarnate, and should prepare yourself now. Fourth, it will come to pass that you will know yourself completely before this life is out if you sustain the rate of learning. This is rare and valuable. Persist. It will do you no harm, and great good will come of it, for you will perceive yourself as others see you, and therefore the wheel of maya will lift. Go to your home now to assist your wife.

P Thankyou.

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