20191124 prc Otago Uni symposium

At the Adelaide motel, Adelaide St, Wellington, the night before the Spirituality and Mental Health
Hopefully the first of many, but who knows? The venue is Otago Medical School or Otago University, one of the two, at 23a Mein Street, beginning at 9:00 am tomorrow.
^And we would have to say that the prospects for a satisfactory outcome are rather high. The intrinsic focus of this symposium is to gather information and share it. The principal speakers are educated, principled and open minded, or they would not be participating. There is an, as yet unidentified by you, stream of preference, subject to the similar criteria in their reading as you have been exposed to in these decades. The difference is that they hold positions of knowledge, authority and responsibility at a level far beyond yours. Their open-mindedness is precisely what has allowed this event to happen. It is your considerable good fortune to have been invited to come present and your introductory flyer will be warmly received, for it is not contrary to their purposes.
The prime focus, however, is elsewhere, as the selection criteria for the various speakers has identified. It is the application of spirituality to wellbeing and its implications for mental health which are the primary and proper focus of this symposium. Therefore the bringing into that forum of what will be seen by some as yet another distraction from the primary focus, means that not everyone present will be openly accepting of what we have to offer. That is of no consequence as usual. Those who have the interest will find their way to it. Those who have no intention of adjusting their world view in any manner will simply avoid it and that is no loss.
So to emphasise its utility as a resource for future clients, students or patients, is likely to evoke a welcoming response, even though the number of individuals actually accessing it, actually coming to an understanding of it, actually seeing the parallels between this transmission and older transmissions will be
less. Again, that is of no consequence.
So we have no reason to expect anything other than a respectful attitude to be displayed and your willingness to share will be acknowledged.
Coming now to other matters. The difficulty associated with the booking by the loved other Janet is a direct consequence of the contrast between a slow two fingered typist and a numeric keypad dexterity discrepancy. Therefore continue to suggest a laptop upgrade and the indicated Lenovo laptop is most suitable. The existing laptop can be transferred into the Paterson family as the children come of an age to utilise it safely. Therefore its value can be retained, for it has a number of years of reliable operation remaining. That reverse transfer of value will be appreciated because it has already been compensated for by other gifts from the daughter to the parent of telephone technology.
In terms of identities within this area yet to be returned to the light, there are a substantial number, and we would recommend your attention be applied to that in a similar manner to the troubled individual just assisted. And that can be done now.
(I had just responded to a person in spirit manifesting the ambivalent and hesitant nature of a mentally/emotionally troubled individual, encouraging them to recognise their condition but discard their manifested personality characteristics as no longer relevant to them in their current condition of being dead, and launch themselves back to the light, which they did. As usual, proximity to hospitals, as places where people commonly go to die in contemporary culture was, as I observed, a cause of a remnant population of lingering spirit of some capacity to influence the alive population. It appears to be a forgotten function of authorised and conventional spirituality to routinely cleanse such areas effectively.)
There is a dark attractor which could itself be assisted in its return to the light. Its malevolent nature need not concern you, for it is already
restrained with your
And all those to whom it is attached may likewise be assisted. A general cleansing of this area would materially assist the population of embodied residents. Unfortunately there are limits to the influence accessible, which must be respected. (I saw that individual with as if attached dark strings dangling to connected others, as it was taken to the light realms).
There is an opportunity for forging an alliance with some of the individuals in positions of authority amongst the community associated with the spirituality and mental health symposium. Were you to be invited to participate in order to more effectively share aspects of the
as requested, we would both support that and commend that for your participation. Every individual present tomorrow has their own history of spiritual communication and that is exactly the basis of their interest and support for this endeavour. Therefore you can consider yourself to be amongst peers. They will understand you and you will understand them. They are people of goodwill and good nature. You need not imagine that self-guarding will be a requirement. Some will err on the side of Christianity and that is of no consequence. Most others are more open.
It is a select gathering, self-selected and intending a strand of activity explicitly in support of a non-denominational non-sectarian, a-religious or at least accepting of all religions, interdisciplinary network in support of enhanced well-being in this country.
It has some capacity to shape policy in the Department of Health. It has some capacity to shape training of various kinds and levels of health professional. They are willing to confront the shortcomings of the materialist worldview, because they know its limitations. Therefore you will find your self in good hands. Share openly.
Mm, thank you very much :-)