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23/09/2005 prcjlo mundane versus spiritual_rescue


P Welcome.

J ^We address these comments specifically to Janet although as a basic philosophy as always both can benefit from deeper understanding of these issues. The issue we wish to address is that relating to focus of attention to delineating between the mundane and the spiritual; to being able to compartmentalise the various aspects of your life in order to pay full attention to that issue which is foremost in you mind at any particular phase in time.

You live in a time when many aspects of life confront you at any one tie and you have oft joked that a woman's ability to multi-task, and this is a new demand in humanity, brought forth by humanity's pursuit of knowledge and engagement of technology and seeking of answers to the mysteries of life which are gradually being revealed and which will as you know result in the decline of this civilisation. Once life becomes no longer a mystery there is no point in man's existence on this plane. But that is an issue above and beyond our present concern, which takes you back to the concept of mindfulness, and ancient art pursued by the mystics of antiquity and seen by many as the ultimate state of mind possible to achieve. We have brought this concept before you in many guises in recent times and are relieved to see that you now recognise the task before you. It is not one which will be achieved with ease and we urge that you constantly maintain the concept in mind and attempt to apply it to each and every situation which confronts you. That is all we feel we need to say.

P Would you respond to questions?


P Is there any advantage in a concentrated training in a traditional way for Janet to aid her in fixing this task more clearly within the forefront of her mind or for any other reason?

^We see this as an exercise in will. We see it as something of a test of commitment. The means by which she chooses to approach the task is again an act of freewill.

P So is this exercise in benignly self-focussed will directed to the self-awareness rather than the habit of outwardly directed will?

^This is a matter of application. Much knowledge has been gained and the time has come to utilise it.

P How may I help?

^Your support and your role as a listener and as one who shares in divine knowledge is the only role that you can play.

P Thank you for that clarification. Our thanks for your presence.

P (gasps)

J Welcome. Why have you come?

P It's as if there is an anxious little face looking up at me from quite some distance down. It has some anxiety, pain and fear and a desire to rise up and a lack of knowledge about how to do that. I don't get any indication of age, it could be any age from two to eighteen.

J How may we help? Can you speak for this identity? From where do you come?

P (gasps again)

E We came from way down, long ago and far away and we don't know how we got here but (indistinct)

J We feel that if you spend some time in our presence you will see the dawn break and the darkness will recede. We ask that you show no fear. Your pain and your sorrow are in the past. Can you explain how you came to be here?

E (in a faint constricted unfamiliar voice) No.

J Did some tragedy occur in your life?

E (inarticulate moan)

J Please think back to the last event in your life that you can recall? If you can acknowledge this, it will free you.

E I was just going to sleep, I thought.

J Did you not wake from that sleep? Did you not see the dawn of the next day?

E No.

J Did you die in your sleep?

E (with slightly more vigour than previous soft and plaintive responses) No!

J Then why did you not wake?

E I dunno.

J Can you accept the concept of having died in your sleep?

E (urgently) No! No!

J What a beautiful way to go, to depart this life with no pain.

E No!

J Is there time …

E No! Not dead!

J Were there things left undone?

E I was not forgiven.

J Forgiven for what? - you don't need to express that. If you recognise the lack of forgiveness on this plane you may be able to accept the total forgiveness when you leave this plane. You may learn what you perceive is a wrong for which you desire forgiveness was simply an act of learning and the fulfilment of a life plan.

E You talk like one o' them preachers. I didn't unnerstan' them either.

J There is an earthly way and a divine way.

E Can I go home now? I just wanna go home.

J Was there light at home?

E No, it was a dark place.

J The home that beckons you is a place of light.

E Then I can't go there.

J A place of love and warmth.

E I can't go there.

J Please look upward and search for any point of light that you can see?

E Mnmm!! (apparently departing)

J That light grows brighter and a way opens for you and we bid you well on your way.

P (chuckles quietly )

J (loudly) Ohh, you silly buggar! :-) (to the dog) Did I wake you up? And the dribbles!? The things people do for amusement in this place

P (laughing) Jeez he was a funny one! What a miserable sod!!!

J First time I've ever been in the state of a preacher. ;-)

P (now in his normal voice) The impression I had was that he was actually just a lad, really uneducated and could have been 'thick' to boot, you know? So just really miserable! God, poor sod!!! I wonder how long he'd been hanging around? (laughs again at his rendition of that wretch)

J Let's not go public! :-) Comedy show?

P (laughs uproariously in agreement)

J Well I think that's it. I certainly don't want a repeat performance of that, thank you! ;-)

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