20060113 prc personality dynamics map

13/01/2006 prc personality dynamics map


During meditation this morning I had come into my mind again the song “Where do the good people go?” and I finally got the message of that as it has been persistently playing in my mind.

Additionally, what came was an awareness of moving developmentally from the child aspect cluster, leaving that behind as a zone of activity, a set of parameters and moving into a zone of greater autonomy so that the child aspect is merely one of a number of aspects which one can occupy at will or whim and expanding the self-concept to include the higher aspects. And I visualised that moving horizontally rather than vertically in a way able to be coordinated or laid upon the agape/hierarchy organisational field.

The expansion into the inclusion of the higher self aspects then becomes a developmental task, as has always been described.

The significance of this is simply a way of mapping these dynamics on the 2 or 3 dimensional agape/hierarchy/ fear volume.

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