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I've just got up from finally coming to a full internal 3D visualisation of the realm of agapeic space model, in which by rotating it laterally, one can arrive at various viewpoints comprising similarity to a variety of different historical descriptions, I think.

One is the viewing down the end of the great chain of being in which the chain appears vertical because the upward trajectory is aligned forwards; One is the product in Agape and the hierarchy of love book, in which the progression in agape frequency extends rightwards; another is perhaps a subset of it of perhaps the human section from 25-35 proceeds upwards in a somewhat zigzag path bottom left to top right in a portrait view. (the narrow winding way)

And there probably are others, but having the capacity to take that model in 3D form and rotate it probably has the potential to create a very useful illustrative function by contrast with the various historical descriptions from either the western spiritual tradition or more broadly than that.

A question of course is what software one might use to create that? And Blender I suppose is the most likely one. But I guess that would require me learning to use Blender, which I have not so far. So, a very interesting morning so far! :-)

P (laughing) I've just taken a little break and have sat down again in preparation for receiving the next question answers. Thinking of the possibility of the taking of a video, as I just have of me doing a transcription task - taking a video of me sitting here on my stool, wrapped up in my robe and (laughing now) the idea of, in contrast to a video of Christian meditation that I once saw a year or two back where the priest kneels and then sits and kneels and then stands etc. And here I am sitting here and the phrase "hail father, I'll have three Bloody Mary's, one each for me, myself and I.” ! Oh dear As an example of an opportunity to bring levity into this practice I think it's great! I'll have those Bloody Mary's any time! It's a long time since I've had one of those ...

Q90a. Our perspective on the qualities of mind, intellect and intention are as already stated. We would qualify them further in the following ways: Mind is a term for the entire construct. Intellect is that aspect of mind which processes information. Intention is that process of mind which elects, evaluates and then intends a specific outcome. So these qualities are subsumed under the over-arching term mind. Therefore intellect and intention are substrata of mind, they could be viewed as.

Q90b. The intention of the (term) epiphenomena is to segregate out a substratum of the whole phenomenon into intentional and peripheral as a means by which to analyse a whole into its components. The intention of the term epiphenomenon is to degrade its significance or indicate that one aspect is a sub-component of another or somehow functions as at a distance from the essential central functional component. In those senses we would deny that the higher mind is an epiphenomenon of the activity of each node of Dao-consciousness. It is, rather, an essential and contained part of it.

The higher mind is a construct in the sense that it is a structurally aligned component of the higher self, implemented from the information accumulated as a product of each incarnation. In that sense it is a co-associate of the node of Dao-consciousness in terms of that node's intellect and purpose. It is an accretion or associate or developmental aspect by which the node of Dao-consciousness acquires, accumulates, integrates and comes to a condition of mastery in terms of understanding the implications of the information that it has gathered at every stage from initial identity through to final stage, in terms of the accumulation of information from the physical realm. We have stated elsewhere that the purpose beyond that is to integrate that information and distil out repetition and redundancy so as to come to a clear mastery of association, relationship and implication of that accumulated information.

Q90c. We see no necessity to extend upon that definition. It is sufficiently and functionally comprehensive without delving into excessive detail, none of which is independently ascertainable.

Q90d. From the perspective of the higher mind, the lower mind of each incarnation is a tenderly nurtured aspect by which to generate self-awareness at the level of the bio-consciousness, other-awareness at the ordinary physical level comprising the acquisition of information from the environment and other-awareness as a perception to be acquired at optimal moments of the oversight function from the higher mind.

The relationship of tender care comes into more effective flowering, if one may use that metaphor, to the degree to which that sensing of the other at a different level and then a progressively developed understanding that in that instance the other is also of the same identity functioning from a different level. When that level of mutual awareness is achieved, then the outworking of the life is optimised into its ideal form and the progress towards the life-goal becomes concretised at the level of the lower mind's intention. From that point forwards the spiritualisation of the life is complete, in the sense that the lower self understands itself to be part of something greater.

The way in which it frames that is inevitably dependent upon the context of its environment in its initial phase. And by that we refer to the degree of indoctrination into cultural mind-sets and its internalisation of those mind-sets in optimal, near-optimal or sub-optimal forms in terms of the subsequent possibility to efficiently connect with the higher mind and higher self, in a way which specifically enhances the probability for that lower mind to achieve its life purpose as encapsulated within the life plan.

Obviously there are many possible permutations and combinations leading to variation in effectiveness of the potential for comfortable, mutual, awareness, understanding, relating and the acquisition from the perspective of the lower mind of acquiring a mentor relationship with the higher mind.

Some early environments endow an individual with a probability of effective relating between the higher and lower mind and some do not. And so that spectrum of opportunity is a cultural product related to the mind-set concerning spirituality.

Where that mind-set is indoctrinated by rigid rule-bound religious discipline, then the sense of freedom experienced by the individual's lower mind is such as to make it improbable that an easy working relationship will result between the lower and the higher mind.

Where the nature of the indoctrination into understanding of spirituality is fluid, flexible and contains freedom to conceptualise and articulate in the potential for a good working relationship between the lower and the higher mind without excessive modelling towards master-slave relationship types, then the prognosis for the development of an easy working relationship resulting in effective and relaxed achievement of the life goals is considerably enhanced.

We have elected this particular individual partly on the basis that there was no indoctrination into rigid religious understanding. In that, the outcome has been effective.

10:03 Taking a break and getting some more milk for breakfasts etc. Went to Whitianga. Bought two second-hand books, walked around to familiarise myself with the harbour area, bought food at the one supermarket then got back before 6 pm. Munched a sandwich then satisfied my escapist craving by reading a Catherine Cookson love story until 01:00 Interestingly, the heroine's prime love object was a congenitally scarred man who had conversations with his higher self! Good choice ;-)

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