20100608 prc justice guard

8/06/2010 prc justice guard


20100608   08:43

Have just received the images from Lanping of the guard of Justice statues.

^We suggest that the images not be included in the attributed text as it all too obviously is resurrected from your memory by a sceptical observer who could attribute it to your time in China, particularly as you have been to Shanxi.

The quality of energy is an intrinsic part of the identity and cannot be separated from it.  To construct an anthropomorphic representation as in the instance of these statues invokes the possibility that the energy can be different at some different time.  Time is absent in the equation, so the energy cannot change.  That is all.


What is Heidi's $1000 intended for and best used for?

^We may answer that question by saying it is for the greater good however you may wish to implement that, be it artistic supplies, for groceries, for living expenses, for quality entertainment, whatever you may wish.  She has attached no conditions and we have attached no fixed intentions to it.  Use it you see fit.

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