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1/12/2009 prc uni


20091201   10:21

Have re-enrolled for the dole, granted as of this Friday. Phew!!!  My parachute is up and I am hanging by a thread.

This morning I realised that as both Heidi and Lanping noted by their felt disturbance, so most probably did Janet, which would have been the cause of her (of unknown cause but severe) frustration, that I in turn reacted against on Saturday night and rejected her, to her intense pain.  And then last night tried to explain to her, which she interpreted as blaming her.  Damn!!!

I need to ask a serious question related to so many of my meditation partners having received body damage recently.  Without thinking unnecessarily that I am a causal agent directly, what have their injuries got to do with me?  Are they collateral damage in any sense?  Have they been susceptible to negative influence of any kind? So far, Janet, Lanping have felt disturbed, Heidi, Richard, Pamela have recent body damage.  What are the facts here please?

^If we tell you will you believe us?  The fact is that there is no connection apart from an acausal one of simultaneity of timing. There is no fault on your part, no clustering of responsibility, no judgement applicable, no pain responsibility.  That is the fact.  The need for awareness remains.

Which institution will accept my study proposal?

^Waikato Uni under Doug Pratt.  It will be too good a chance for him to attest need for existence in the department.  He will arrange other supervisors, not himself, which will let him off the hook for any outcome.  A fierce battle will be waged over the result, with eventual success.

Is in fact the study option the best one, or a diversion?

^It is without doubt the best one available.

Is there a second institution willing ready and able to accept that study proposal?  Eg. Cantebury Uni or Auckland?

^Yes they would both accept it.  It is money they need.

How can I pay the fees?

^If you apply, it will be granted.

Is Waikato the best option in terms of the longterm results obtainable?

^Yes it is equal to any other, as the objective is accessibility to international searches, with the status of a university endorsement.

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