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16/09/2010 prcjlogrb garden deva_soulmate_tb rescue_bliss


(initial conversation not transcribed)

J May we give thanks for the opportunity to gather together to create a spiritual space in which our cares of the day can be set aside and our minds emptied of the material realm. May we invite those who come in spirit with positive intent to draw nearer and allow their presence to be felt contributing to the light of spiritual space which protects us from those who would come with evil intent. We express thanks for the opportunity to communicate and to learn and to grow and to be of service. …

P Janet, we have somebody who wishes to communicate with you in relation to your tree.

J Welcome.

P They want to say:

Deva Thank you for acknowledging our contribution to that garden which you have now gained oversight of. It is our intention to participate with you in the creation again of a place of beauty, peace, tranquillity and fragrance. Are you willing to work with us consciously in order to help create such a space?

J I would be appreciative of the opportunity. D Then we will assist you in every way we can in order to maximise the fecundity of that space and those people, and by that we refer to the living species planted in your garden.

J I give thanks for that.

D It is our pleasure to be of service.

J Bless you and thank you for coming. Carolyn, the time has come for your spirit guest to voice his concerns.

C And what might that be?

J (concerning spirit identities still present who died of TB at Maungakawa – Te Waikato Sanatorium - near Cambridge NZ – located during a wander there by Carolyn & Peter during a 'guided' tour of Hautapu and other cemeteries one recent Sunday)

^There are not many who go to that place with the ability to empathise with those who have departed this world from that site. It was not a happy time. There was a general atmosphere of despair and forlornness. It was not a place many left to resume their normal lives. It is well that the edifice was razed for it entombed the souls of many who passed there. There are many who visit that site and experience the presence of souls departed but they are unable to assist the departure of those still incumbent who would leave for wont of recognition. We would encourage you to revisit that place and take time for a clearing.

P Can it not be done here and now, remotely?

J They've gone.

P Oh really!

J Carolyn, the one you brought with you, is he still here?

C Yep. He's probably gonna stay with me a while, possibility for the rest of my life when I find him?

P Do you mean as a ?

C When I find him. He just said 'hi'. He was calling me to him in his current life form. Interesting, eh!

P I'm not sure what you mean by that.

C OK, so he's alive somewhere in the world and I've gotta go find him. Which is cool. Well I don't have to find him, he's going to find me. Well, whatever. That feeling I will know when I feel it. Because I've just had it around me for the last -

P Your voice drops so low, Carolyn, that I have great difficulty hearing you. So please keep it a little – coz to whisper is a little difficult to understand. ;-)

C It's all good. It was for just us to discuss. His visit was for just him and I to connect.

P The impression that I had was that it's like I instructed him how to reach into the back of a person's brain in order to find the places to manipulate in order to speak through or communicate with a person, and I've never seen any person reach into the back of somebody's skull before!

C Charming!!

P And so to the extent that he was perhaps unused to functioning in that way – anyway that's what happened. Why is not quite clear to me except maybe he was not quite experienced.

C Right.

J Maybe he was like Heidi's electrician fiddling about with the tubes in the back of the TV. Just flick the switch! ;-)

P I wondered whether he would be coming into relation with you in a kind of guiding role but that was before you said he was embodied again and on a path of convergence with you. All that would make sense at the identification that you had and the energy exchange at his old grave (at Hautapu). Excellent.

C And that is why the 'Scotland' stood out so much. Coz I said when I was standing there (at Hautapu cemetery) “that sounds like home. And the place-name.”

P Yes. Which doesn't necessarily mean that you have to go there.

C No, but there is a resonance. I feel absolutely complete. So I'm cool, I can go home now. ;-)

P Earlier on I saw several people turn up and I think including Christa to be with you.

Pm Yes.

P And it was so interesting because you were totally dwarfed!

Pm I always feel enlarged, if that makes sense.

P Mm! To connect into that, I would think so! The impression I had was of the order of ten times your size. It was really good, I've not sensed him so clearly before.

Pm It felt beautiful. Harmony. …

J Heidi, there seems to be a very strong presence with you.

H Welcome. Can you communicate with this presence, Janet?

J Just have a strong sense that it is through this entity and through you that energy is emanated to draw us together in spiritual space.

H Is it because of teaching of something, explaining?

J It is because of you knowledge and your past associations with the spiritual realm and a connection back to a third generation before you. And they confirm that it is your teaching role. I keep getting the phrase 'let her rip!' You know, get on with it! Teach us!', basically.

H I was aware of – I kept on expecting somebody else to arrive when we first met, this evening. I ha a very strong impression that somebody else was going to come. I knew there wasn't -

J They came in spirit.

H Precisely.

P I would welcome the ones who speak through you, Heidi, in the same manner as in your therapeutic role, to the clients that you conduct through learning experiences, diagnostic experiences. That identity and that energy belongs here and I would specifically welcome that aspect of yourself or beyond yourself which is so effective at those times and welcome that similarly effective presence here with us in order to assist us in the things that we wish to know about here. And in the same way as you feel and have felt for years entirely capable and willing to facilitate that communication with your clients, I welcome you facilitation of that communication here in this group.

H Well it is only when they tell me what to say and working with clients, it just happened!

P Mm-mm. In exactly the same way it can just happen here and I think the reason that I say this is some issue of transcending the feeling that you have voiced at various times that you feel as though you are relatively inexperienced, and I am pointing to the fact that that is simply not the case. And so I'm wanting to acknowledge that and thereby encourage you to move past that sense in which you are anything less than a full contributing member, to our benefit.

H Well thank you for that vote of confidence!

P :-) I guess that's what it is.

H Yes.

P And so I guess I am wanting to make absolutely explicit my expectation that when you feel the urge to express what is coming to you, just DO it Don't wait for permission. Don't wait for invitation. Just DO it Because that's the way we operate here.

H Yes.

J I think I have been told is that what we need to at some point in the future is to read something, I mean physically, like kinaesthetics?

C Kinesiology?

J I don't know, I can't think of the word. In other words, hold onto something and get the message that way. So maybe at another stage?

P Yeah, what's that called?

H Psychometry.

C What does that mean?

H It's when you have an item of somebody. Mediums use it and then you read the energy coming through. So you mean to bring something along or have something here to hold?

J I guess it is a medium of communication.

C Something that you trust, that has you trust who your are, because you don't trust who you are at the moment. You trust who your are when you're in your kinesiology mode but you don't trust who you are in identity who your are, your being 'who, me?', 'why me', 'it can't be me', 'it's not me' and that's who you are being, it's not who you are. You are an extremely powerful woman and you are being that when you are channelling for kinesiology, when you are healing somebody. So if you brought something that had you be that person to remind you who you are, then you'd be able to channel and feel the other possibility that's available to you.

P As an anchor into that role, you mean?

C Yes.

J I guess when you are doing what ever it is you do, you are holding onto a person.

H Yes. I'm thinking I can bring the massage table in, all of you can sit on it – that's a bit of a worry ;-)

P Can I volunteer? ;-)

J It's almost like that portal, some point of connection between spirit and -

C It might be the Aotea essences book?

J Or any of the essences that you choose.

P I was wondering if you could image holding it? It doesn't need to be physically with you. (essence 25 Abundance was chosen)

H And it links up with the email you sent today. There is enough.

P Yes, I feel that, even though I'm surprised to. (some conversation not transcribed) …

C I just got the weirdest thing. I was chatting away to myself about fashion, clothes, as I do. And I got that fashion is an illusion. And that is so right! …

H It's not greed. It is the fear that there isn't enough. …

P There is a particular and unusual kind of peace here, a tranquillity, and I sense that that itself is a kind of communication with us. And nothing is required to be done in order to experience that.

Pm If you would know, first you must be. Knowing comes from being (while not doing).

C I've got a question to ask Janet. Did they all leave that site? There is still something wrong. (at Maungakawa?)

J No, there were heaps there. And it seems that some are destined to remain as keepers of the memories.

C But we are to go back. I got reminded of that by my headache.

P I've just had open up a connection that seems to go down to a space which might constitute the kind of space which those people find themselves in, and I wonder if it's possible to communicate an invitation down into that space? It seems quite dark down there and I would as if shout into that space of despair and loss and grief and loneliness, “come out of it now! Be present with us!”

H Is it possible to give them a feeling of protection?

P I seem to have lost connection with that space now. Have you got it, Carolyn?

C Yeah I'm just sending light down into the hole.

P OK. Stay balanced but allow the feelings. And the energy has shifted away form that tranquillity now. What are your perceptions of that hole?

C Reluctance to come out.

P OK. What is the fear that holds them reluctant? What is the belief that they should stay there?

C That they are diseased and untouchable.

P Then we welcome their diseased untouchable condition, for we give it no credence here and we simply welcome all of those who would join us, knowing that they are intrinsically acceptable even though they fear they are not. The time for concern about contagion is past. Isolation is no longer required now because the bodies that you used to occupy for whom such conditions were important are now no longer present with you and therefore cannot be present for us. Therefore we are in no danger, so we can simply and logically welcome you. We have no fear, and no longer need you (fear).

C They've come up so now you can help them move on.

P Thank you for your trust. Thank you for your recognition. Thank you for your willingness to transcend your past beliefs. They are no longer relevant and we welcome you to this place and we would show you how to move beyond us to the clear light. Do you now understand your potential and know where to go?

C Yep.

P Then go with our blessings and take our love with you. Return to your natural home and find there peace and joy and those you love. It seems to be a lot brighter. … Have they gone?

C Yep. There seems to be a halo over the place now, a pinky-peachy coloured halo.

P I think we're done.

C What about the nurses?

P Pass. What about the nurses? It can't have been a particularly pleasant place to work (at the sanatorium near Cambridge where the 'contagious' people were)

P So I think it's appropriate to acknowledge the love and willing participation of those who cared for those ill and dying individuals and acknowledge their valour and give thanks for that, those of our country who were nursed in their time of illness.

C I think some nurses died and they died doing their job.

P Yep. The image I got was of scrubbing with lysol, which would have constituted a significant amount of the nurses work in those days as infection control. What have you connected to, Carolyn? (a nurse)

N (starting to cry) There's two daffodils !!

P There are. What does that mean to you?

N Everyone forgot about us, wrote us off and condemned us and forgot about us. And the two daffodils honour us and remember us. We thank you for doing that. They were wiped off the face of the earth.

P They (locally grown daffodils) would have been important in bringing a little cheerfulness in that setting.

N Mm.

C And I thought I was going to get away without crying tonight at all. I was sure I wasn't – I felt so good !!

P I'd like to acknowledge Pamela's persistence in simply channelling love here tonight.

Pm Thank you and you're welcome.

P It's been lovely to have that constant presence and flow.

Pm It's been lovely to have your energy to float with! Like lying on a waterbed !! Mm. So thank you all.

P It's been one of your bliss-out nights, has it?

Pm Mm!!

(closing not transcribed)

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