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7/02/2011 prc models highermind-lowermind communication_1


P ^We have as our prerogative the momentary interruption, divergence, diversion, claim upon the attention of this one whom we wish to influence constructively, positively for the eventual good of both the individual and mankind.

This procedure having become familiar, it is of small moment to either modify the physical conditions around him, to make claim upon his attention through various forms of impression, or to otherwise influence the probability of deflecting his thought towards the particular direction from which we arrive to his awareness. And that particular direction need be clarified somewhat for it is unspecified within his awareness and unspecifiable within contemporary descriptions of human functioning. We seek to amend that for the purpose of more effectively connecting the origin of this source material in terms of both the attribution to it of coming from a source with a capitalised S (=Source), that is, an identity referred to by the label capital G-o-d, but more accurately attributable in normal circumstances to the higher self of the individual so concerned.

The point at issue on this day is the identification of the point of connection and the process of connection between the higher self and the lower mind via the higher mind. We feel the improved description of this process of identification and locatability of the higher mind at its point of impingement on the lower mind may aid in the contemporary assessment of this material as being first, describable, then attributable with some confidence as having some meaning and utility in the experience in being human. We will not consider the non-human experience for obvious reasons, although it could be described in some similar manner.

So given that the communication process is between the higher mind and the lower mind in the first instance as on this day, the location of the higher mind in relation to the lower mind has been given a potential framework within the agapéic space and the agape numeric scale. However, this is obviously simplistic and inadequate to represent the intention to communicate and the process of communication. We thereby seek to somewhat flesh out, as it were, by which we mean expand the parameters of description into one somewhat more utilisable within the overall transmission.

We feel that the description that exists at this point able to be attributed to the lower mind as being co-located in physical space and generally associated with the physical brain is entirely adequate as a means of giving a descriptive locus for the lower mind. So we see no necessity to articulate anything in that pole in the communicative process. At least for the purposes of this descriptive process that is entirely adequate at representing the reality first of existence and second, of conceptual position in the spiritual communication process between the lower mind and the higher mind and vice-versa. That leaves the parameters of the higher mind and the distinctions between them and the medium through which the communication travels.

Given that the attributes of the higher mind are essentially indescribable, as they are both foreign and forgotten from the perspective of the incarnate human, we need only posit that as a source and destination for the communicative process. The closest approach available at this time is as already given via the spirit-sphere model and although its description already provided is an approximation to the reality of both functioning and structure and suitability as a visual aid to the identification of existence of the individual human while in spirit-form mode, what continues to be insufficient is the means by which a communication occurs from the spiritual frequency domain and the material dense-matter domain, if we may phrase it in that way.

The percept of the radio wave is one relevant model for the communicative process. That is, the transmission across a gap or over a distance, of electromagnetic energy.

The down-frequency shift of many reception processes in the radio receiver is another model by means of which the representative frequency is modulated downwards and then demodulated to be within the audio frequency range of the human ear from the modulated form of the high frequency transmission is another model.

The etheric to physical transition is a third model, if that is recognised as an earlier attempt to describe the process of transmission as separate from the specification of its content, the idea of an all-pervasive field as representing the historical identification of the term 'aether' being part of that.

However, none of these are adequate. The reality is both more simple and more obscure. … (long delay here while trance-deepening took place and the following image formed)

Imagine a sun of indescribable brightness, radiating throughout a volume, that volume being incalculably large, therefore beyond imagining. Therefore by any definition the sun diameter being infinitely small in relation to the infinitely large volume.

Therefore its location being unavailable within that volume, with no necessity that it be central, simply located within that volume.

Therefore that there is no probability associated with it being at any one place more than at any other.

That is one definition of a uniform field of influence.

That is the basis of the model we would subscribe to for this definition of the field within which communicative process occurs between the higher and the lower mind. In the vastness and the uniformity of that field of influence, space is meaningless, distance is meaningless. No inverse-square law of diminishing effect is present. Therefore every communicative source is not different from any communicative reception as all are interchangeable and indefinable by any concept of space and distance.

From the perspective of the embodied human, this is counter-intuitive, but a necessary detachment before any understanding of the condition of the communicative process and its environment can be appreciated.

From that perspective and as a means by which the translation from the spiritual model just given and physical domain properties, a necessary prerequisite for understanding higher mind to lower mind communication, is that it is always proximate. The source is always proximate to the receiver, irrespective of the direction of communicative intention, that is, whether it be from higher mind into lower mind or lower mind to higher mind, the recipient is always proximate to the initiator.

The factor which is largest in the determination of the probability of awareness of that communicative function is one of awareness-threshold. If the individual has a high threshold to the communicative act, then the probability of reception of the communication is much lower than otherwise. If the individual has a low threshold then an alternative description for that is that that constitutes sensitivity to the communicative process. And so naturally, considering the human population as a whole, there is a range of sensitivity as human attribute. The reasons for there being a range of sensitivity is beyond the present discussion, although it has been addressed in the previous description identifiable in a truth-table analysis.

That constitutes our initial attempt at a discussion on this factor of higher mind/lower mind communication. It constitutes the first instalment of an on-going series.

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