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3/03/2011 prcjlogrb roles in group_challenging visitor


19:35 (initial discussion not transcribed)

J I would like to welcome those who come to join us in spirit and give thanks for the opportunity to join again together to conjoin our energies so that they have a multiplying effect and anable us to raise our energy and awareness to the level commensurate with those who come from the spirit world, allowing us to bridge the gap in order to communicate and to grow in understanding of ourselves and our responsibilities to fulfil the purposes for which we contracted. I would ask that those who come in spirit gather closer to us and make their presence known to us that we may communicate the wisdom available to us at this time. …


J Peter, you are being approached by spirit. Could you speak for them please?

P Mm. I've been having a lovely, very lucid introduction to the foundation to the formation of the Arabic numerals. So I'll perhaps draw that later.

^We come on this occasion in order to conclude one of a series on the perceptual capacities exhibited by these various members present, beginning with our dear friend Heidi:

The perceptual capacities have now sharpened to sufficient degree to put paid to the myth of inadequacy and ineligibility for any perceptual capacity. The perceptual capacity is now marked, it is worthy of record and as has begun, the procedure by which to so is at your behest and according to your preferences. Suffice that it is recorded in order to make plain to not only the self but also this one through whom we speak so as to establish a dialogue concerning these things being valued treasures. The perceptual capacities bring valued treasures and these two such manifestations are the means by which sometimes new information is brought into the mind or a reminder of very old knowing is brought into the mind as a means of completing inadequately anchored understanding so as to bring certainty in the face of early confusion. And so it has been in this one by the enumeration of the dots comprising the formation of the letters zero to nine and the multipliers beyond that.

When we consider our dear friend Pamela, the conclusions are of course that the processes are well anchored, finely tuned, exquisitely appreciated and dearly loved, and we thank you for the willingness that you have reliably shown to act as energetic anchor, for your presence here on many such evenings is not so much to shine and to be forthright in opinion, so much as to be forthright in energetic expression and to anchor that for the purposes of the better functioning of the group as a whole and we specifically give accolades to you for both the forbearance and the humility which you bring to that role.

Turning now to our dear friend Janet: The introductory expression which serves so often to 'bring the ball to court' is a sporting metaphor, or to focus the attention of the wandering minds, as is so often the case that “oh yes, we are not here to think about this day or that day or any other day but this time right this moment when we are intending, had we not forgotten, to actually engage with those non-bodied others who would dialogue with you!!! :-) And that role is well-established by now and equally valued by every person present as well as ourselves. So we give thanks to you for your ever-timely focussing of the attention of this group.

Turning to our dear friend Richard, who, in a similar manner to the afore-mentioned Pamela, has a major contribution now traditionally made to anchor the energy within the group, to form an adequate polarity with our dear friend Pamela in the complementarity of masculine and feminine, in this instance. And so the perceptual capacities are enhanced the further from the ordinary mind one proceeds, and we feel that you would acknowledge that whereas the perceptual capacities seem slight in the ordinary mode of knowing, but in the more distant realms from this, the capacity to perceive is very sharp indeed, and on many occasions your contributions have been both willing and astute, and serve to balance and augment the perceptual capacities of those others who are present.

And so we give thanks for this well-functioning team on this night. Be at peace, and know you are loved. [thanks expressed by all present] …

P Without disturbing what you are currently engrossed in, simply allow each to gently ascend without any particular effort or force, just feel greater lightness. Allow the mundane concerns to gently drop away and the weight dislodged eases the ascent. Allow the mundane concerns to gently drop away, leaving freedom and a very gentle sense of peacefulness. Centred in this moment, each moment. As if a gently rising balloon drifting upwards. …


P I seem to have a visitor exhibiting unusual characteristics. He seemed to drop in from high on the left, which is a most unusual position to occupy, but it seems to be a position from which one can hold value in some of the things we were discussing earlier this evening, like a supercilious looking down upon those of different culture or race or assigned value. It is a position of less love and self-enhanced judgement. It seems to be in the nature of a supercilious posture incorporating a sense of personal superiority. And this one has those characteristics to him.

J Are you able to speak for him? Could we ask what it is you want from us?

Supercilious Entity (SE) I drop by to observe. A petty dalliance. I wonder why you trouble yourselves with such ineffectual activities? We certainly do not trouble ourselves in such a way.

R We don't see these activities as trouble or as ineffectual. They are expressions of love which we offer to you.

SE Mm, it looks like self-delusion to us. It can be of little consequence. Why would we take what you offer? We hold it to have no value.

R As you wish.

SE What? You rest with so little vigour?! Where is the self-defensiveness? Surely a value is to be fought for? Held in esteem? Simultaneously neglected perhaps, but known to have value?

R Our value comes from within.

SE These paltry small things you give importance to? Where is the pride in that?

R What value is there in pride?

SE Oh, well, considerable, as it happens! The issue of pride is necessary to one's sense of self-importance. Surely that has value? Do you not agree?

R Pride has very much lesser value than love.

SE Oh. We would not deign to argue over such a thing of such little consequence.

R We wish you well.

SE I perceive considerable passivity! It puzzles me. I know not why. It seems scarcely worth bothering with. But there's – mm, my curiosity is piqued! What is the activity here?! Surely not merely to converse with one's such as I? There must be some point, surely?!

R We come to converse with any who turn up. We come to learn.

SE What can possibly be learned by – there's no activity ???!! Where is the perceptual gifts to be employed? Where is the sense of command and perhaps rapier wit? Surely these things have value?

R Inasmuch as they may be expressions of love, yes they do.

SE I would not confuse them with love. I think that they are very different and very much more valuable! I have spent enough time gathering skill in those things and very little attention being given to love.

R Then perhaps that's something you could consider?

SE Well, why?

R It may be a new and valuable experience.

SE That seems vanishingly unlikely! :-)

R As you wish. (Buffy the dog growls)

SE What is that small creature? :-)

R That's a companion animal, a dog.

J I wish to say “sick him, Buffy!” :-)

SE The likes of that have made tasty morsels from time to time. Properly prepared, they can be even delicious!

R If you were in physical form it might make a tasty morsel of you.

SE Mm, unlikely.

J Please offer us some of your wisdom?

SE Wisdom?!! Now there's an unlikely request! We claim no wisdom apart from a fine appreciation of distaste, avoidance, knowing what is unworthy, deeming most things to be so, most activities to be so.

R Then your claim is well justified.

SE And what of those who have not contributed? Would they care to contribute? Care to acknowledge? Care to give due value!?

Pm I have listened to your understanding of purpose. We too have our understanding of purpose. And as we all have the right of freewill, this is how we choose to know ourselves – one in will, one in love as we seek to know the light within us and bring the light to those who are puzzled by their purpose.

SE Do we take from this that the objective is to seek light?!!

Pm We are of the light. We are from the light.

SE I see precious little light here!!!

Pm You have not chosen to. It is your choice. Ever your choice. It is ever your will. If you choose to see the light, you would -

SE (interrupting) For what purpose would I waste my time???!!!

Pm You would be astounded! Astounded at your ability to be so much more. As you expand your horizons and understandings. A clever wit, a sense of superiority of way does not bring the peace within and without that we truly seek to know.

SE An exercise in boredom, no less!

Pm That is your right and we honour your right to be as you choose as we honour our right to be as we choose.

SE This astounds me!!!

Pm Do you remember a time when you knew love? A true bonding love?

SE Such has never been my experience. Such talk has always been, in my experience, shallow and self-serving.

Pm So be it. Your will be done as you choose. When you are ready, if you choose, you will know the light. And you will not question then why we meet, why we join our way together in the seeking of understanding through and with others, you will eagerly join in and join with us!

SE It seems again, vanishingly unlikely! :-)

Pm So be it. We wish you well and we bless you.

SE Why on earth would you do that???! I puncture your self-delusion, I challenge your beliefs, I wish only to contend with you and you wish me well???!

Pm Yes.

SE How extraordinary !!!! There is a phrase – there are none so blind as those who will not see. And I have made it my business to persist in seeing through such self-delusionary attributes!

Pm When we have a thought of another, when we see another's way as not being the way of our belief, it is our own inadequacies that we are seeing, our own fears we are expressing. When we let go of fear, we let go of limitation. When we let go of limitation we open our way to experience in a manner that there is not words, there is not language to express it. It becomes knowing, true knowing.

SE I take your point in the consideration of what is to be known. The technique of knowing is the issue in this instance from my perspective. Because to retreat in this fashion can only result in knowing nothing because there is nothing to be known of in inactivity.

Pm Why don't you step outside your comfort zone? Step outside? Take a look at the way we are following? That many others are following

SE I do seem to be, quite a lot!

Pm Experience it and then choose for yourself which way sits comfortably with you. This is your right and as I said we accept this.

SE How disgustingly reasonable!!!

Pm But how can you know if you don't take a moment to look?

SE I feel inordinately suspicious of such a suggestion!

Pm Do you fear to do so?

SE FEAR???!!!

Pm Mm-mm.

SE There's nothing I fear!

Pm Then be at peace with your way as we are at peace with our way. Blessings and love are yours. If you choose to accept them, that is fine with us. If you choose to reject them, that too is fine with us for it is your will and your right to exercise it.

SE I will seek my own kind. You will not see me again.

Pm Well go in love and peace.

SE That does not exist where I go.

P Yuk !! Icchhh He was a nasty bit o' work! It was funny, I could feel points of connection with some of my adopted ways of being from many decades ago. I thought ooops ;-)

H I wanted to find out why it had come here.

P Presumably just another one of the characters brought for our interest or education.

Pm Opening our awareness, confirming our right of understanding of being true to how we perceive.

P I was really pleased that nobody actually got into a scrap. Because vicious would be a real understatement of potential.

Pm You speak with a quiet voice and it defuses it :-)

P Good grief, it's 21:00 already!

R It's interesting, it's the second week in a row that we've had an entity of that sort. A negative, cynical, loveless sort of character.

P I remember at the beginning of the year there was an acknowledgement that some of the recalcitrant ones would be brought before us this year. If you clear the landscape of the ones who are ready to go, then you've only got the tough nuts left. :-)

R So I wonder whether there is an opportunity for us to persevere with a character like that?

Pm The innate soul purpose is to know the light so all that may have rested in their perceived darkness for a long period, it comes a time when they begin to stir, to expand. Some move into the light willingly when and if they seek help. Others, like, this soul was not a happy soul, hence the antagonism and there was an understanding that there was something else out there but fear prevented the opening to it and so to cover the fear was (necessary). But 'd say it was a soul that was on the edge of stepping through into the light and tonight's interaction could be enough for it to begin that journey.

R There was an opportunity at the end. He said “where I'm going there is no peace and love.” And I almost said “why would you go there?” And just gently challenge that and get him to look around again.

Pm He was not ready to take that step.

P That was the feeling I had, yes.

Pm But he stayed with us for a long period, whereas if he was really not ready, totally not ready then he wouldn't have come anywhere near us.

H Then why did it come here? It must have been looking for something?

Pm Drawn by our light and energy.

H And trying to fight it.

P Yes, characteristically attacking.

Pm As do many children. They don't want to hear what you are saying so they come out with all guns blazing with everything else but.

H It was interesting that Buffy barked.

P I'm not at all sure she was focussing on the entity, I thought she heard a noise next door.

Pm I had a sense of the 1800s in the gentleman about town, the Eton scholar.

P Yes, coming from a sense of the upper class.

Pm And the masculine defined superiority of that time.

P What's different? ;-)

Pm Yes Peter, now shall we start on that one? ;-)

P No no! ;-) And I was thinking that there a almost scales present here of intensity and this character was manifesting around the one percent of those qualities. And that in my most judgemental and harsh-minded moments I might have got some fraction of that, but he was something else and he had not even begun. A very nasty bit of work.

Pm A lost soul, just lost in his own illusions.

P I think so. I think there was a lot of potential for cruelty in that character. What were your perceptions, Janet?

J I didn't want to get involved.

Pm He threw down the gauntlet to Heidi and I.

P Well are we done?

(ongoing conversation not transcribed)

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