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>We come at once to your request.

The issue of musical instrument?

>Is one of learning for yourself only. Do not confuse the two aspects of learning for oneself with that of learning about others for their benefit. If you cannot finance the instrument we showed you, sell something, if it is worth that much to you. If it is not, we only advise possibilities, not requirements, unless pressed to do so.

What is required of me in this issue?

>To make a choice for what you wish, as usual. If you do not wish it, there is no cost. You are making your way through your life and making choices. That is it. That is the learning. There is no other purpose. when will you learn that and be content with it?

It seems to me that to have that as the only issue of substance in the life is too simple!

>Life was not intended to be complicated. Within that framework one may learn eternal truths that contribute to the whole series of lives. That is neither trivial nor simple.

I notice that those people who learn of spiritual reality are boosted in their maturity.

>We wondered when you would notice that.

Is therefore that required as a component of any successful rite of passage initiating man/womanhood?


To what extent?

>To have conquered death by understanding its relationship to life and the succession of lives is a major determinant, in the human emotional functioning, of maturity, because the disconnection of the dependency from the current life leaves freedom of choice to act in ways not otherwise attainable, such as to give ones life in service of ones country or family or group. The positive karma obtained by such an action far outweighs any cost in the individual life based on love. If, on the other hand, the life is not based on love, then such an act offers an opportunity to express love in the life in a potent and tangible way. There is a body to count! To die for loss of love, in the 'pining away for a person merely absent' form, is of no positive benefit to anyone, or ones own karma. The romantic ideal is severely flawed on this point. It is a loss of motivation for the life, yes, but not one unable to be overcome if it is understood, and the understanding of it is the learning, as usual.

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