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>The nature of our discourse today is to be encompassed by the following. In the beginning there were many who did not wish to incarcerate themselves in the murky spiritual realms surrounding the planet Earth. But also, many were prepared to enter into that ‘vale of tears’ as it has been referred to many times. In our estimation, it is a difficult and lonely place in which to cast spirits who wish to accelerate their development in the spiritual attributes of loneliness and its deprivation, willingness to obey an unseen master, and willingness to be confused by demands from others who are similarly confused, isolated and lonely.

The spiritual domain is never lonely. One can gain isolation by request, but never willingly on the part of others. If you would require it we could elaborate at length here.

P Please do. I sense something worth knowing.

>Very well. When the sundering of the spiritual ‘veil’ is done with intent to know what lies beyond it, a great peace descends on all mankind at a deep level, as a recognition proceeds beyond the incarnate/discarnate pair involved directly. It is this ‘peace which passeth understanding’ which is transmitted automatically to the whole world of the spirit which sends a knowledge of the sanctity of life being recognised at the level of the spirit rather than the incarnate fleshly form which conveys the message.

If we could divert your attention into the spiritual domain, you would find a sparkling domain of light, as has been seen and so poorly described all through the ages by those blessed with the spiritual sight. In the absence of that faculty in your self, we will do what we can to describe it verbally. Beginning now, command your body to rest, while we show you our best attempt to show you directly.

P Hey guys, that was GREAT! LIGHT! COLOUR!

A brightness perceived from between the eyes with the eyes closed. A space filled with colour in pale bright sky blue & cerise? Magical beautiful colour & a swirling tunnel spiralling light in to a bright light hole, not a black hole. A beautiful domain, filled with the sound of energy singing in my ears.

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