20110210 prcjlogrb rescue_doleful entity spreads darkness

10/02/2011 prcjlogrb rescue_doleful entity spreads darkness


19:31 (introductory conversation not transcribed)

P I'd like to welcome you all here tonight and to invite those in spirit to join us, apart from those who already have, and quite quickly focus on the chakra level and image all of them at once. Opening up wide and not limiting ourself to the seven, but opening the eighth and the ninth as well. And in relation to Heidi's comment about the tenth, eleventh and twelfth, perhaps just seek information about the model applicable in this collection and seek information about the model Heidi has been reading to us. And then suggest that we focus our attention to join at the heart level and then seek to ascend as a group so as to directly approach those who would speak with us. And holding our questions and curiosity in the forefront of our minds, to project that towards spirit and expect a response. …


C I can see three birthday candles and I've got a dreadful headache. Who's three? Anybody know? I think it's a little boy who drowned. It was on the front page of the Waikato Times yesterday and there was a big hullabaloo because they didn't find his body. The parents have lived since 1965 with people wondering if they did something to him. He did drown.

P In what way can we help?

C They've never put him to rest because they didn't find his body. So they probably had a funeral I suppose, but there's always been the doubt that he died because they never found a body so the police said there could have been foul play but they couldn't find any evidence of it. So he's been hanging around not being able to move on because there's been this doubt.

Boy(B) So I just drowned! (nothing serious (;-)

C So I think it would be nice to recognise that I believe you drowned. We believe you.

R Can he tell us a bit more about the circumstances?

C Well I read it in the paper yesterday that there were two little kids playing by the river and one kid all of a sudden when the mother turned around, had completely disappeared. So the other little girl that he was playing with said that he fell into the river and she heard him go “glug glug,” But by the time they got the police there was always some doubt as to whether the mother had done something with him.

P Then lets take the opportunity to give acknowledgement. Is there a name? I'm thinking Peter but whether I've got the background from the newspaper or not, I don't remember it.

P Does he know what to do?

C No, he doesn't seem to. He says:

B I'm just hanging around. Waiting for someone to guide me. I just want to hold somebody's hand. Where is somebody to tell me what to do?

P Then I suggest you take Carolyn's hand because she's a kind person and allow her to lead you and help you look for a brighter place around you and some people who have been looking for you and can find you now. And I think they would be really happy to find you.

B There is some people smiling very brightly in the distance.

P Then go towards them and see who it is. Because they've been waiting for you and expecting you and now is their chance to take you home. Not to the home that you knew but the home you will remember if you go to them.

B Is it Ok to let go your hand? Will it be alright?

P Yes. They'll take good care of you. Just float towards them. Go as quickly as you like.

B This is cool. Thank you. …

P So did anybody else get impressions during that?

Pm+H No. …

C I've just finished putting his mother's mind at ease. She will sleep better tonight. …


P I seem to have a connection to an identity who has quietly come in from the left hand side, bringing with it bleak feelings. Sort of quiet but doleful. Is anybody else registering that?

R Mm.

P It may be what Carolyn is responding to as well. Nevertheless it seems quite a significant presence. It's not little.

R Will it speak with us?

P The response I get is:

E We come to engorge you.

R How so?

E Fill you up with apathy, malaise, sadness, grief, making you feel heavy, indolent, useless. We have these things as our goal.

R For what purpose?

E We feel these things. We would share them with you.

R You're a bit late. I've already got most of that! ;-)

E The ordinary person is entirely too light. We see opportunity with you. It is our role. We spread this wherever we can. It is our only activity.

R Why would you choose us.

E We seem to happen upon you. Open yourselves wider. Allow us to gift more?

R We would offer you love and understanding.

E We find no benefit from those things although we have some understanding. It is our generosity that enables us to share these burdens with you.

R If we were to take on these burdens, how would it serve us?

E You would become like us, dedicated to darkness and despair. These are good things! It is our role and purpose to share them generously with everyone we encounter.

H But we may choose lightness instead. How does that sit with you?

E We cannot compete. We simply move on.

H So we can choose whether to accept your gift?

E Unfortunately, yes. But many do. Many discover emptiness, resonance with sadness and loss, they are eager customers of ours.

R We choose love and light and offer them to you.

E We sense a recoiling from such an offer. It repels us!

R It matters not to us whether you accept our offer or not. But we offer it nevertheless. You are free to choose just as we are.

E How can you be so mistaken as to choose those things? They have no strength nor power.

R They have a different and power.

E But not the solidity.

R Nevertheless that's what we choose.

E Then we have no business here.

R Then we bid you farewell. And go with our blessing.

P God, what a bundle of misery that was! :-) Jeez From a long way down there somewhere. Yuk!

R I certainly was feeling that then I had the sense something was with you. What about you?

C I felt yuk so I just went and cried! Sorry! :-) I didn't want to muck up the microphone with my sobbing. It's hard to transcribe. ;-)

P Oh, it's very easy!

C Sob in brackets. Sniffle. You do tend to put sniffles like that ;-)

P I do. Yes.

C Charming! Blub blub, etc. Great! ;-)

P Well that was a very interesting alternative.

R What did you sense, Pam?

Pm I didn't really because as Peter started to speak I put a ring of light around ourselves. We in the room and offered light to them so I wasn't receptive to the energy they were putting here.

R At one point not long after we started the chat with them, suddenly it changed and it may have been when you put the protection around. The feeling changed considerably.

P I wasn't aware of that. Somehow that makes me think of the consistency of very heavy dark tarry oil that just kind of oozed in.

R Well that's interesting and perhaps when people get into a dark mood, these guys come along and help them.

Pm Well like attracts like, so if it's the energy we are putting out we draw to ourself that energy.

P Yep. How are you getting on over there Heidi?

H Yes I did feel a change. Whereas I'd felt very calm and peaceful, I didn't know what happened, I could feel suddenly a discordant feeling and then you started to talk. So that was congruent. But not as strong as you did obviously, Richard.

P It had the quality of being able to creep up on one. And if there are strong elements in your life predisposing you, already generating those sorts of feelings, it would just feel like a bit more of the same. I haven't had anything quite like that before. And is there any residue with you, Carolyn?

C I think I missed it. Unless I got it - ;-)

P I suspect you got it!

C Missed the words, maybe got the feelings!


P Yeah.

H So is it we feel that way and they come or they come and we feel low?

P Either/or, I think. I would imagine it would take some circumstance which would generate the feeling first and that would constitute the opportunity. Because they're generous! That was the belief or the interpretation. It sounds like a weasel-word to me.

H It was interesting when they said it's powerful.

R I guess it is in a very negative kind of way.

(ongoing extensive conversation and closing not transcribed)

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