20101031 prc get another body

31/10/2010 prc get another body


20101031  07:50

Have just chatted to Dave, who survived his attempt to get into mariners cave in Tonga, but did not get in fact get to it, through lack of strength in his legs? His daughter Natalie is head of a team of IT specialists for Bank of Scotland and earning a good income.

Australian golden orb spiders have invaded Tonga, and a different big spider frightened him in his bedroom by dropping down above him as he lay down. Cold now, and happy.  Hello.

^We come on this occasion as usual to introduce ourselves again to your awareness.  The invitation will prove untraceable in his mind so be unafraid of David’s interest in your ASinz open day.  31/10/2010 prc Get another body

It is true that the body decays.  Be unafraid of that also, for as you have just remarked to your brother, get another.

That very hunger for a capable new body is a significant driver to reembodiment.  It has always been so.  Understand this now.  Discontent with incapacity during old age, combined with forgetfulness of life beyond the body, is sufficient explanation of the driver to reembodiment.  Only when the memory is clear and sufficient to remember of life without a body does the entangling nature of embodiment cease to be a preference.  After that, reembodiment is a choice not necessity.   17:45

^We come now to advise on various things.  The issue of the selection criteria is as requested and adequate.  We never said everything should be included as that would be both too onerous and too bulky for analysis even with our help.  The aversion to reference to the woman XX is appropriate as there will otherwise be too open a path through to challenge and we do not wish that of course.  The other thing is that it is always appropriate to cook for the woman Carolyn as she is endeared to you by that process.  She has given you many things.  The least you may do is reciprocate in a manner she enjoys.

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