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~13:52 I suddenly felt chilled and started getting the words as follows:

^There will be various consequences of the events of the last day. The first will be that the identity Lanping will distance herself radically from any particular urge or even compulsion to associate with this one through whom we speak. This is not inappropriate. Her involvement with her family and with her PhD qualification acquisition has so far distanced herself from any degree of aspiration related to spiritual matters as to entirely absorb her attention. That involvement with and attraction to that process will continue for the foreseeable future, and we say it in that way because at this point it is not possible, due to potential and yet unmade decisions on her part, it is not yet possible to state with any confidence at all what in fact her life trajectory will be from this point forwards.

So it was appropriate to interject the reality of the feelings, concerns, issues and worries occupying this mind so as to clarify the degree of association relevant and appropriate at this time. That is all we have to say on that matter. It will be of no moment in the long term.

Of somewhat greater moment is the current intention to generate yet another business function, and we would urge restraint at this point. The probability of loss of utility of the name AgapeArchive due to prior claim by some other organisation is vanishingly small at this point. Therefore retain the option by personal intention, not legal force. Therefore there is no necessity to generate a cost burdened legal identity before there is any remote opportunity for generating an income. There will need to be a long public opportunity of input and opinion-seeking before there is any validity in the construction of a cost centre labelled AgapeArchive or any similar name representing that spiritual intention. This is in the five year time frame. Beyond that other opportunities will have more clarity.

The third thing we wish to comment on is that the promotion of awareness within this one through whom we speak of the more abstruse theorising concerning what we call the void and have proposed a model representing that being that of agapéic space, others have delved much more deeply and referred to that through modes of discourse inaccessible within the lifetime of this one through whom we speak.

Therefore we merely seek to link the descriptions that we have given to date being specifically the model of agapéic space and the model of a uniform field of influence as comprising our contribution to this point.

It is perfectly true that greater appreciation of the writings of others in addressing these things is entirely relevant to be acquired at this time. Nevertheless it would be best pursued in the context of genuine interest and light-hearted exploration rather than through a mind operating with a sense of burden. Therefore we have withheld further impulse to pursue this at this point pending the reading and reflection of the material gathered to date. That is all.

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