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7/06/2006 prcjlo j challenges


J … and they are saying that:

^We have been with you this evening to severely challenge you on all levels of mutual acquaintance. One realisation must be obvious to you is that we work through you in the realms of meditation and in the realms of physical interaction, one with another. You must recognise that when it is us and not you who is speaking, through your ability to articulate with an eloquence of which you are not normally capable. We are pleased that your interaction is reaching a level of predestined acceptability. This is the relationship we would have had you had from the outset although because you are incarnate you will inevitably encounter that aspect of life which forms the fundamental turning-point of the challenge of being man and woman on this place. As with that parable of Adam and Eve, so too goes every life encounter to one extent or another. Sometimes these encounters reach the stage of full maturity of challenge and at other times they are bypassed entirely. As with every other aspect of your life these are opportunities for growth, even as you may perceive the outcome as failure.

We would that you accept and appreciate these opportunities and we would that you make your best attempt to choose that path which will facilitate your own spiritual development as previously agreed and also illuminate the path that is available for those who look to you as seeking direction for a way to the ultimate truth. You have this inside of you as does every individual, taking the opportunity to spend time upon your plane and your search for this is the entire reason for your being here. Uphold this ambition as much as is possible amid the clamour of life in this particular place and time. There is nothing else of value in existence. All else is sham and distraction.

We love you and leave you with our blessings.

P Thank you very much for your presence and intervention, suggestions, commentary and love. … I have a very faint and gentle voice come to me which says:

^We come to you in love. We have no heart that can be spoken of in physical terms but our heart goes out to you in your turmoil, tragedy, stress, endurance of incompatible impulses.

The manifestation in this domain of ethical dilemma upon ethical dilemma, one compounding, magnifying, confusing another is the stuff of which life is made where you are. These ethical dilemmas are the maintenance and the stimulus, growing endurance and discernment of the things that enduringly matter. This rich tapestry of stress and counter-stress, being pulled in multiple directions simultaneously so that one is forced to choose, if not to be immobilised, means that the categories of value chosen can be articulated, manipulated, discussed, dissected and ultimately chosen on the basis of the perceived value, one over another. The complexity of these interweaving strands of necessity is the basis of the growth of the articulate discerning soul.

These are not random patterns! They are carefully gestated, brought to fruition and slammed into the awareness of the incarnate individual, at least those who would be aware of such things. Of those who insulate themselves in obscurity and isolation, they merely miss opportunities.

The appreciation of the opportunity for growth is the mark of the enlightened soul. Not to avoid these issues. Simply to recognise them clearly for what they are, to exercise discernment and to manifest love as a priority is the goal of all such patterns of exercise.

So these issues need not be escaped from and we speak now specifically to both of you. These are opportunities for expressing accumulated preference with accumulated understanding. And yes, the patterns are variable. The responses are completely appropriately variable in response to the different winds of change that blow through the awareness of the individuals.

If first one thing is chosen as a preferred activity or outcome and then having experienced the results of that a different preferred outcome is discerned, articulated and acted upon so as to achieve that, this is merely appropriate. There is no necessity for having chosen one course of action with either blind obedience to the social roles and conventions or blind rage against them so as to do anything but, merely to sample the opportunities for diverse patterns of value. The issue is experience. On experience can be built more stable appreciation of the value of each of the parameters acting on the situation and the self.

We would you understand these things so as to avoid the worst excesses of self-blame, other-blame, willingness to denigrate – even mutilate the other in whatever the situation may be. The natural predilection of the incarnate human is to respond with simple animal passion. The task is to discern with more perceptiveness and more love and no blame.

J We thank you for those words. There is much to be learned from them. Thank you for being present. Thank you for being honest with us.

P It's all not a trivial challenge, is it.

J No. Strangely enough, I recognise that by haranguing you about this, it could be denigrating to a point. (indistinct) and I realise that I could say many of these things from jealousy, but I don't feel that so I think that's why I'm tempted to believe that spirit has got something to do with it. It's very strange. (remainder of conversation indistinct)

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