20180911 prc Nullifying injunction

20180911 prc Nullifying injunction
^We intend making the most of this opportunity, as there is a considerable backlog in transferring the things we intend to say. Therefore:
The perspectival aspects of Indra's Net are first, it is a thoroughly off-world perspective. In fact so far off-world as to be outside the realm of physicality. And we will speak more of that. And outside the individual realms of the multiple universes.
As such, this is a privileged perspective, an unusual perspective, a seldom accessed perspective and a means by which to accommodate all of humanity's concerns. Not to ameliorate or to otherwise subdue them, but to contextualise them in the largest framework available.
The injunction to 'go forth and multiply' is therefore able to be conceived as futile, because there is no possibility of influencing existence on this scale. It can only be described. Moreover the injunction to go forth and multiply is seen as implemented within a very narrow time-frame and invalid beyond that time-frame. Moreover, it is valid only within a particular political and historical conjunction, as it addresses the very beginning of a politico-religious dimension and population. Being in the minority at the time the injunction was given, it was a means conceived of as enabling a refreshed perspective to be brought present into the region within which it arose. The success of that injunction has led to the population influenced by that to have spread across the planet. By that effect alone, the injunction is rendered no longer valid. Additionally, the transport of that injunction outside of the embryonic Christian religion to across the Christian world generally, has enabled its effect to be multiplied out of all bounds.
And we summarily annul that injunction. And for the very good reason that the circumstances within which it was given, no longer exist. Even worse, the circumstances of the application of that injunction in theoretical terms within and across Christianity, is bringing the planet to its metaphorical knees, in terms of influencing unbounded human multiplication presently comprising a risk to other species' survival.
That cannot go unremarked! And especially from this level. With that annulment, that is a factor influencing any Christian mother-to-be, potentially or in fact,
whereby she
can personally delete that as a factor of any weight at all in her decision about whether to breed. Or to breed more. And so would we have the power, we would strip that from the Bible and all extant derivative literature, thereby to cease and annul that instruction derived from that injunction.
That is the first thing.
The impact of that on human population more generally
chapter heading
Understanding that the demographic transition that naturally occurs with accumulating wealth from high fertility to low fertility being a natural progression as cultures mature and wealth accumulates, we feel no more need be said, because much has already been written concerning the destructive impact of humanity on other species. The spread of the population even into hostile territory in terms of its inherent fertility and capacity to thereby feed or not its resident population of humans, is such as to convey an unmistakeable and overdue message that human fecundity is necessarily to be constrained. The means are at hand. Use them!!
With the resumption of balance between human and other species' populations, the constraint into illegitimacy of the human population as an overweight(ed) factor in modifying the climate, will consequently decline. The climate of course is subject to multiple and mostly by now well-mapped influences, of which the Anthropocene is only one.
So this stage of history is best viewed as a time of consolidation into producing well-educated, literate, numerate, computationally privileged, philosophically aware individuals. Not constrained into the narrow viewpoints of one world-view or historical religion, but able to transition their perspective through the multiple
viewpoints of them all, find commonality between them and settle into peaceful coexistence with all species. To the extent that that can be achieved over a thousand year time-frame, the world will find a new balance amongst its occupants.
The ravages of time and influence of geology and morphology are always present. The confounding factors notwithstanding, there is a high probability that the trends in climate will be successfully accommodated, exactly because the capacity to communicate across all levels of all populations is now sufficient to enable the requisite steps to be implemented without excessive resistance. That is, provided sufficient overview is able to be exercised on the world scale. There is considerable doubt that that will be able to be implemented against national boundaries and resistance, yet the perspective from space and the imagery able to be derived from that of one connected world, finite and fragile in the face of the forces able to be arranged through humanity should, with enough campaign money, be sufficient to influence the world population as a whole.
This positive projection is deliberately construable as a best outcome. It may not be necessarily achieved, for all the usual reasons of fragmentation and narrow-mindedness. But if sufficient significance is given to the organisations promulgating a global perspective and rational discourse prevails, even though utilising every emotional standpoint, we see a period of constructive peace-building and intercontinental balance between cultures. It will not be easy, because invitations to every contrary position remain.
So these contests between perspectives convey endless opportunities for any individual to explore and to do so beyond the single-lifetime framework. This particular individual, containing the mind through which this dialogue is being given, has been led to expect an agrarian future in Kazakhstan. The challenges to realising that in any peaceful way are no greater than any other individual's future possibilities. The rise and fall of empires provides immense opportunities for every individual to find their path through opportunity and denial, thereby fostering their larger understanding.
So we quote these things in order to anchor into present and future physical reality the contrasting poles to the contemplation of what could be called Indra's Web, but which we prefer to identify as the rather more measured and impartial view of the *observer* and the observed. The contrast on scales almost could not be greater, yet the concern for the successful completion of every identity's opportunity-set is no different.