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Janet and I have just been down to the river near the pony club north of here off Pukete Road.

^The acknowledgement of invitations to meet and then the acknowledgement of the meeting is the means by which subtle introductions can be conferred between embodied and disembodied identities. The introduction on this occasion was to the deva of the river, that least that particular deva, self-assigned and active to monitor and activate remedial interventions at the river margins in that section of that waterway.

Contrary to popular expectations of lissome feminine forms, the preferred and more accurate form is of the sphere just touching the water surface, as seen by the Hamilton Gardens on several occasions. The image of a sun on the water, of varying colour, is the more accurate imagery, divorced from the notional bipedal form.

Its activation within space-time is determined by a choice made by the appropriate node of Dao-consciousness. And the spherical form is little different in intrinsic nature from the spherical form of the human. The intention is benign, the action supportive and the tranquillity evident. And it is an example of the tranquillity able to be sensed by the human when in proximity to the river deva, in the same manner in which that similar tranquillity is sensed in proximity to a tree deva or mountain deva or foliage deva. And we differentiate the term foliage deva in this instance to include grass species, shrubs and other low-formed plant species.

And so unacknowledged in this exercise and in general terms amongst the community at large, is the tranquillity available to any person who visits a countryside location, occupied as it is by many small plant species of different kinds, is that it is the presence of the resonance with those multifarious devic species which contributes to the tranquillity experienced by most individuals within that environment. And it being particularly noticeable to those whose environment it is not the norm. P Mm, seems that's all that's coming.

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