20081117 prc willingness to bequest love axis

17/11/2008 prc willingness to bequest love axis


20081117 08:27

Teaching went well. Yesterday felt guided to listen to RNZ religious program by Maureen Geering at 17:30 on the god in the sky image and its criticisms. Given that it has been a theme of mine as to its inadequacy, I found it mildly interesting.

This morning I woke with the realisation that Ascension is used in Christianity with a different meaning than what I do. Theirs appears to be the one-time ascension of Jesus to ‘be at the right hand of god’, while mine is soul growth over multiple lives. I need to remain aware of that distinction more clearly in debates or discussion with others.

Compact definition required for the phrase “willingness to bequest love” as axis label.

No results found in Google phrase search !!! Nor for "willingness to bequeath love"

But one meaning of ‘Bequest’ is ‘the action of bequeathing something.’ Another is ‘to hand down’. Implies from a higher source as measured on some scale.

But there is no more compact term for this. But it implies some sort of value, maybe of love energy.

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