20210106 prc Lake Hauroko identity

Lake Hauroko foreshore on the loop track:
I've come here on a recommendation
(some months ago from Julie King)
and spiritual request
, after getting another section on the book on wisdom this morning. This place seems perfectly serene. I felt informed that it had been cleansed while I was on my way here. And if only I could persuade the sandflies to stop biting me, I might be able to settle into sufficient tranquillity to greet the 'natives' (devas). It seems completely calm here, although there are slight ripples on the lake. It's not cold, being about 20 C. And I feel overdressed with my jacket on and quite hot. There are several cars at the car park and I met a woman whom I think was a ranger cleaning the toilets and checking the place. There are a few ducklings swimming and diving in the lake, seeming completely content, not at all afraid. And I hear "we would have your attention?" I might need to go and sit in the car to avoid the sandflies.(but did not)
There seem to be great depths here. (the Void opened up beneath me) And I think I perceive an identity cluster steeply beneath me. Dark. So I request their emergence to my level? And get a response "we cannot do that".
"We have been here for centuries in your time. It is not our time, for we function independently of time. Nevertheless we bear no ill-will against humans, except when they threaten our territory. And then we act. It was at our request you came here to record our existence at this place. We are associated with the human and some of us have been human.
We would that you understand this and record this, as it is a facet of existence yet unexplored by you. The nature of existence in these tranquil remote domains, scarcely touched by the human, is such as to make their transgressions seem shocking, intrusive, violent, even. It should come as no surprise to you that our capability includes retaliation, be it through wind and wave, or directly affecting the individual or group on the human level.
We would go if we were told to from a level of sufficient authority. We understand that our task here is both eternal and complete at this moment. (We are) a consortium of individuals damaged by human process sufficient to empower intervention in the human life. We gather those to us who are like us, damaged by human uncaring.
We would that you understand the transgressions against loving nature carried out by some humans, in conditions of fostering cruelty through hurt. Their very nature is a product of their own process and lack of love. Therefore it is appropriate that it be known that in some places in this land as well as others, there are individuals and groups who have these capacities, sufficient to destructively influence the outcome of a human life and existence. Should they not come willingly, we can take them by subtle intervention at crucial moments, distracting attention, casting malice before them, or otherwise sowing the seeds of their own destruction.
It is an opportunity for any individual to join us, should they wish to explore the lefthand path, as you may term it. It is not so for us, for we know no other. And it is our emboldened action that carries through these intentions with finality. Should the individual in question change their mind, as is their right, they can depart, for freewill prevails even here. And our intention is to engage their attention for as long as they should wish it and no longer.
So we come before you in this opportunity for redemption”.
And so I would ask that in compassion for this group, that they be lifted up
in toto
. And carried to the light; that they may release their anguish and come to every opportunity available to them to manifest their higher nature in the realm of love.
I request that this land be cleansed of all such collections of identity manifesting ill-will and
self-satisfied duplicity, temptation, obstacle and any quality other than compassionate loving nature; that this land be freed of all such malevolent and vengeful qualities and occupants; that alternatively that the way be made open for constructive influence, care, joy and love for the term of life of humans in this place, being these islands in the South Pacific.
Well, it seems from that, that the opportunity to come here was subject to some deviant input intended to distract my awareness and cast doubt upon my perception. I request a full cleansing and detachment from those levels, that I may continue the work on wisdom unimpeded.
And I'm surrounded by a cloud of sandflies and think I'll conclude this.
(I continued south alongside the Waiau river through Tuatapere, then east to Riverton to complete today's circumnavigation of the Longwood range).