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2/09/2010 prcjlogrb healing_rescue royals_extend_astral travel


C Well if anyone wants to tune into the spirit of taking away headaches, they're most welcome!

P I wouldn't be surprised if you had a bit of whiplash (after her recent car accident- car written off).

C Mm.

P ^We have come into the darkness to join together this evening. We join you in your darkness in physical space and also the darkness of spiritual space. We bring light.

J We welcome you.

^There is some healing to be done, if you would accept that?

C Well I would!

^Turmoil is common in this domain. We frequently intercept and intervene and bring succour to those who travail is great, and in this instance such is the case.

C Thank you. …

P Carolyn, do you request to to be cleared of attachments?

C Yeah? What sort of attachments?

P Spiritual.

C Yep – I-I- I dunno – yes. (sighs) Yes.

P You had a big black attachment on the left side. It's been cleared.

C Thank you. How did that get there? …

P I'd like to welcome everybody here this evening, diverse circumstances notwithstanding, it's really nice to have your company. And I ask for the usual collection of spiritual attendees, whoever they may be, whoever needs to be here, whoever desires to be here for our assistance and education, I ask that they be brought close or they come into this space to join us. I ask us to be joined together at the heart level, open to the higher realms and project the available energy into the centre of our small group and in that concentrated energy, open up a space to receive those who would come for us.

C Have you got any idea Peter why I would be seeing all the members of the royal family together, every last one.

P Which one? You mean the British?

C Mm, princesses and princes & kings and queens – hell of a mess, people everywhere! Turmoil, some sort of turmoil. Crowning -

P Is it a review of history?

C It seems modern, they're modern-looking people – god I've got a headache !!!

P Ask them! Maybe they're rellies of yours?

C If they'd all shut up and just one of them talk at once it would be helpful.

P Ask for discussion with one of them as a representative.

C Shut-up!!

P Would you be willing to speak for that representative?

C Well I would if they could figure out who it is. It's a child, it's a baby girl.

P Then we welcome all members present and would ask for clarification concerning your purpose here?

C She died and the family want her to come to them but I don't know why the baby isn't going.

P Is she at peace? Does she understand her condition? Are they holding her here?

C There's a tug of war.

P Between who?

C Well, earth-bound and spirit world. They both want her.

P Who on the earth-plane wants to retain her presence?

C Some ceremony, some ceremonial thing that's keeping her.

P When did she die?

C 18xx something.

P God!!

C Just this little baby in a crypt somewhere.

P What was the name of her mother?

C Mary.

P Which Mary?

C I don't know, something to do with Scots or something – I don't know.

P Early or late 1800s?

C Late. It's almost like she only lived a little while so she existed but didn't exist – wasn't known about.

P A queen being pregnant is very public knowledge, usually!

C Mm. Well, they didn't have TVs then, so it wasn't on the news.

P So is this a genuine royal baby? Or was it a child from a royal sire to somebody other than a royal wife.

C Feels like a royal mum.

P Is the mother still earth-bound?

C Feels like it.

P What holds the mother here?

C Some sort of ceremony.

P Then I would ask that the attachment be severed in the interests of both the mother and the child so they may both return to the light where they belong now. There can be no good reason at this point.

C They just lifted up! There you go, they both had to go together.

P Yes, it's not surprising.

C They've got a very noisy family.

P So who else in the family requires tending to or acknowledgement?

C They're fine, they're happy.


C She's lying out like this, absolutely flat on a slab somewhere. You know how they have the shape of them on a crypt.

J Sarcophagus.

P That's the word, yes – with a carved replica (on the top).

P So is that all good?

C I wonder if she died in childbirth? Anyway whatever, she's gone.

P That's good.

P You can Google the circumstances.

C I don't really want to know.

P So has the family gone again?

C Yep, all quiet. I actually think the father – you're right, the father was regal. Anyway -

P Yes, well they were a horny bunch and had plenty of girlfriends, I gather. Or casual fancies, as the case may be ;-)

P Janet, I think somebody has come close to you. … Is there anything to share from that?

J (doesn't speak)

P Was their sadness relieved?

J Not sure. I think I had a visit from my sister-in-law.

P That's what I thought. Jandy?

J Mm.

P Good. She seemed sad to begin with.

J Mm. She told me everything's fine. She told me that Andrew was fine and she was working on an alliance - dalliance with somebody who would take him away from the Oliver family because she has family of her own with children which will absorb him. It's all very good. Then there was something about another - about those who seek to assist others and the ability to do so through sleep, through leaving the body -

P Like you do.

J Like a lot of people do, but to be conscious of it and bring to mind the particular person and name the particular person you wish to assist before you sleep.

P Mm! So to make the whole process more conscious as a tool of learning?

J I guess so in that there was also something about to observe a lightening of their spirit on the morrow and to recognise the process is utilising you as a channel.

P Spiritual first aid.

J Something like that.

P Cool! Is that something you've ever set out to do?

J No I don't think so. It's worth a try.

P Indeed. Good. I'm pleased that she came. I got a tentative identification but I obviously wasn't very confident about that. Is that something you'll share with the family in any sense?

J Probably not.

P How are you getting on over there, Heidi?

H Better now. I was very disturbed. I didn't know what it was but I just couldn't settle. I didn't get any impressions, just disturbance. …

P There seems to be a very tall presence has come into proximity.

J Will he speak with us?

P He seems to be just observing or maybe inspecting.

H But he could do the observing from a distance without making his presence known to us so can we ask is there another reason why -

P ^We come to make ourselves known to you. We come in multitude on this evening. We have as our agenda the opening out into wider aspects of activity than has hitherto been granted this small group. This is an activity for the small group, not its extended version. And so these four plus the man Richard constitute a skilled and effective core and we ask of you some several things. We would ask first if your willingness extends to beyond known limits to the activities that you may comprehend and involve yourselves with. Are you willing to extend yourselves beyond currently known boundaries and limits to styles and purpose of activity? We preferably seek a spoken affirmation although of course there are several unspoken affirmations. The tasks contemplated are not arduous, they are not dangerous, they are merely more extended although not necessarily extensive than you have contributed thus far. And so we give a guarantee of safety, because this is not in any sense a test or a burden, simply a welcome contribution, were you to feel comfortable with stretching your capacity into directions currently unknown to you. There will be complete explanation before during and after every such event such as we are contemplating. And so by these comments we hope to address residual fear in any present participant.

H I am willing to extend if that is the right way to experience.

^We acknowledge your contribution.

J I also am willing to be of service.

^We give thanks for that.

C I am most willing to assist.

^ And also consent is given through this one through whom we speak. And so not on this evening but on what may seem to you to be random other evenings, merely applicable and appropriate evenings, there will be a series of transactions between us for both our joint purpose and the public good.

H Thank you for offering us the opportunity.

^It is our profound pleasure to work with you in these ways.

P Well, that's that! They were really big!! Or at least gave that impression. You know, way up there somewhere (points high), long lean and thin. With a presence that I've not met before.

H Well I had been asking if it was possible to extend our help to others outside the group in particular and Andrea, with whom I was talking today, who asked when I said we had an evening, she said oh yes put my name forward. So I asked if that was appropriate to do that. I don't know if this is -

P Where is Andrea?

H Australia.

P That's what I thought.

J Oh, trans-Tasman crossings, I'm not sure ;-)

P She's a Kiwi though isn't she?

H Yes.

C Well that alright ;-)

H Does that make a difference? P ;-) I can't imagine so.

C We had Mongolian last week, so - ;-)

H But she's battling a bit.

P It's funny the images that one generates or gains from the impressions, the subtle impression of identity, and in relation to the character that was just her, the image that I had was of this very tall – an identity with very long thoughtful kind of face, and it's very unusual to get facial impressions.

H Did you say that there were more present, not just the one?

P Well I saw this first one come forward from behind you, in relation to me, and then another one came from further over on the right somewhere so I was only aware of two, but I think they said they came in multitudes?

H Mm!

P So I don't know what that's about. I guess we'll just have to wait patiently.

H Mentioning the five, what happens when others are present or some of the five are not there?

P Pass.

H Mm, I thought you might. So I'm throwing it in, maybe they can answer it.

P Yes, I've no idea. They went away. Is anything else likely to happen, or is that it.

C Well I'm blank. Nothing happening. …

P Janet, I seem to be feeling pushed into sharing with Steph.

J Sharing what?

P Jandy's visit.

J Oh, OK. …

P Are you having any perceptions of any kind, Janet?

J No.

P Nevertheless I feel my attention is being taken over somehow in your direction or somewhere past you, I'm not sure. … There seems to be some history of connection between you and someone else in the family, but I don't know which family. I think it's your own Leslie family

J What do you mean?

P I don't know whether it's a mother figure or quite what it is, or whether it's just a reference to continuity of sensitivity through your maternal line.

C Well there's definitely a woman over there, isn't there? In a long dress, navy blue with little pale blue spots on it.

P Oh I don't see any of that, I just sense the emotional presence.

C There's an old grand-motherish sort of lady, grey hair.

P A very kindly sort of person, I think. Did you know your mother's mother?

J No. She died when I was a baby.

P Mm, I think that's the link, though. Would she have met you?

J Yeah. She lived with my parents.

P There is something quietly genteel – I think she would also have seen. You couldn't talk about it as much in those days though.

C Mm, what on earth has chocolate pudding got to do with it?

J No idea.

C Does somebody in your family make chocolate sponge pudding? Maybe it's just because it's my favourite ;-)

P Are you feeling her?

J I am feeling that there is an entity that pushes me to go beyond my limits, and say to Heidi about – it's an extension of the same thing about continuing your relationship with your husband in your dreams- what am I trying to say? In times of sleep and I guess it's astral travelling. The suggestion was that Tony would be much – you would observe a more relaxed Tony as a result and you would have this life that you've had before, in your dreams. But when you see Tony in the morning or whenever you see him more at peace.

P So you are talking about making it a deliberate conscious practice through a loving intention enacted in the spirit or astrally, rather than physically.

J Mm. Is that something you ever do?

P No.

J It's never occurred to me before.

P I have visited people consciously just by sending my point of awareness.

J It somehow seems to be a little different in that you are unaware because you are asleep. But to make the conscious intention before you drift of.

H Before you go to sleep at night to connect -

J To connect with whoever it is you want to connect with.

H With the intention of helping Tony?

J With the intention of helping anybody that you want to, and to be specific about who you want to connect with.

P In other words, plan it.

J Yeah. And then people who are currently incarnate, so it's not like you want to connect with someone who's already died. Interesting concept! Actually who came to my mind was some of my students, one Indian lady in particular.

P That's a very good idea for you!

J So instead of wander off in my dreams I could go somewhere specific. Worth a try.

H Meeting people astrally in your dreams, you mean?

J Mm.

P So does that imply that the identity that you sensed with you was perhaps independent of the genetic link that we were picking up on?

J I've no idea. I didn't try to assist the connection at all.

P I guess we join hands …

(ending not transcribed)

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