20080727 prc service at wintec

27/07/2008 prc service at wintec


Sunday morning 20080727 T07:50

P A storm has passed through in the night; now conditions are calm and overcast. A storm of a kind has passed through me this past week but it has been of unexpected pleasure and happiness for I have been working at Wintec, teaching English to real live interested enthusiastic learners, at least most of them most of the time.

I seem to have crossed a number of barriers in relation to the easy willingness to be directing, to challenge, to play with words and ideas so as to stimulate their learning, to challenge their resistance, to assert my opinions and values, hopefully without denigrating theirs. I have extracted their ages even from those reluctant and I think it's time to share my own and introduce myself and my life.

I take this opportunity to formally request the highest and best help which I can access to assist me in this endeavour which has been placed before me and which I have seized in this most welcome transition away from my work of the last 3 years.

I seek specific discussion and application of comment from last Thursday in meditation concerning the idea of service in that role. What are the parameters, what are the specifics, what is the role and the reason for the role? What is it that is optimal rather than the simple task. The whole event has been challenging, this transition from one work to another. The rapidity and ease with which the transition has occurred may make it unnecessary for me to register as unemployed in fact. The rate is nearly double from $18 to something - $30 or more, so much so that I may well be able to survive on 2 hours work a day.

^We come at your behest. We have into this life poured love unending. We have assisted you through your trials and tribulations these many years. This is just another occurrence in that process. The opportunity has been foreseen for some years. It awaited only the appropriate combination of circumstances which has now arrived.

The service role of which we have spoken is a determination to endeavour to share yourself, and through that, your culture and your language, your attitudes, your feelings, your identity, your knowing. To be willing to be seen for who you are as a mature, respected, valuable individual in this culture and time period, in touch not only with your present, past, but also your far past, the range of occupations and activities undertaken and thereby to know with unswerving, unflinching first-hand knowledge of values durable and well-aligned to the spiritual identity, the precursor and subsequent continuing capacity and identity that you have accumulated yourself to be at this point.

To share in those ways and to that depth is a capacity rare. Do not hesitate to share those aspects of who you know yourself to be. It will be wondered at, it may be repudiated, it is an opportunity to simply say “these are things that I know. You may regard them as opinions, strange, non-understandable perhaps, nevertheless in the same way as you know yourself, so I know myself and who I am and have been.

This is not in any sense to belabour or preach, merely to share should the occasion arise. And so we speak of your willingness to speak not only of your present being but also your past being so as to directly share that capacity rather than indirectly share that capacity as we have transferred to you in written form and promulgated through your published writing. This is the sense of service which was referred to. This is the sense in which sharing, not in an obnoxious way, not to unwilling listeners, but to share some origins and, should discussion be sought, to share other origins. To those individuals who have never thought of such things it will seem exceedingly strange. For those participants whose own culture embodies such ideas it will seem refreshingly familiar. So the reception will have a spectrum of willingness and reactivity and there is no problem with this. That is the service which you may elect. It will be valuable in some instances.

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