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20081120 Janet crone

Intro & invocation not transcribed

P I’m being overshadowed.

^We come to welcome the return of the triumvirate. We wish on this occasion to articulate a number of things, and would begin first by anointing all present with the love that we feel for this joint set, and that is the origin of the sensations around the crown and brow.

In addition, we would ask that these few remaining weeks of availability be seized, to the extent all are mutually available, for we have some specifics to impart during that time, if we may have your indulgence.

The first issue we would address on this evening is that there are a number of individuals known to each, who may well be interested in participating in the more public group of the coming year, and we would prefer that that start well, and hence discuss with those of your friends who are likely to feel motivated and share your interests as to the likelihood of their interest in attending the initiative we will present in the new year.

The second thing is that the equipment for proper support and capture of that dialogue needs to be assembled prior to that, and it will very soon become a matter of some urgency, so we request that be attended to within the next month if possible.

The third thing is the willingness all three share to cooperate in these ways may be achieved by either substituting the larger public group for this and incorporating all actions within that, or this particular closed group may be reserved for these three, and that is your choice.

The fourth thing is that we have large gratitude for your willingness to persist in these very satisfactory meetings to participate with us so as to act as conveyor to humanity of the information we offer.

We retire now, for others would come forward.

R I seemed to have someone come over towards me. He had a hat on. He merged with me and put it on my head! :-) And I did have a picture of somebody close to Janet standing behind her.

J I believe I had some discussion about each of us having been privileged over the last few weeks with the opportunities to observe lives of others from extremely different facets of life [via travel], somehow like two dimensional figures. From their perspective is somehow similar to watching a child develop through watching the world around them. Not fully participating, simply observing. It all results in growth.

R Are you saying that in various ways we have been observing the world around us, other people from other different experiences of life, and learning from that?

J Yes. There’s something to do with living from the outside and living from the inside. The question was, does one ever truly really experience life in a 3-dimensional form? I think the question for me is, have I ever really experienced life? I think for me, the answer is no.

R So what is it that you haven’t experienced? Or alternatively, what would you call what you have experienced?

J Voyeurism, perhaps?

Extensive discussion on proposed group in 2009 and consequent roles not transcribed.

J What we need to do is ask for guidance. I ask for clarification as to both personal and group purpose?

J Peter, you’ve got something to say? Could you please speak for them.

P OK. I’ve been asking they speak through you or to you.

J No, to me through you.

^We come on this occasion at specific request. The capacity to articulate the dimensions of the spiritual domain, the practices of the contact with the spiritual domain, the willingness to do so without engendering resistance, reluctance, embarrassment, anything other than generosity of spirit, is a teachable procedure.

The population of individuals who can potentially benefit from the application of that teachable procedure, at this time, in this location, this region, is specifically non-zero, specifically significant, and specifically to be welcomed.

It is for that reason that the proposal has been made and accepted at least tentatively by all members of this group, and it is our intention to specifically facilitate that in every way we may.

The capacity of these individuals to act either individually or as a group is such as to permit proportionally variable numbers to be positively influenced by that process. The strength that we perceive in this group is specifically through the combination of experience and perceptions of quality, the distinctions to know the difference, the personally developed capacities, done so over a long period, to assert the information which is available by and through each at different times, and thereby to present a very attractive combined front to the community as a whole of participants interested in the category of learning.

The willingness that they will have, when confronted with this triumvirate of experienced, knowledgeable, perceptive, learned, even, individuals in the prime of their life, has the potential to be perceived as a very high quality working and learning environment in the best interests of every participant, and the best tradition of a mystery school or school of esoteric learning.

The tradition of such schools crosses many, many centuries and many traditions in many different countries and languages and cultures. The existence of such school in those different circumstances have had at times a profound effect on history. It is our sincere intention that this particular group will, in its own way, have a profound effect on history. That is its potential.

We would that the opportunity be recognised for what it is. The nature of the population in this region comprises a significant number of individuals who are ready to learn and participate in this category and quality of learning environment. The potential of this country, when populated by a slightly larger number of well-experienced individuals, has the capacity to generate through their communicative capacity, a range of output into the wider world, in particular into the English-speaking world, which is associatable with the nature and the qualities with this culture as a class in the membership of the modern Western community. That is not a trivial possibility.

It is for that reason that we wish to manifest, to the most productive degree that we may in participating with and facilitating and producing that learning environment, by which to assert the development of a quality genre within the mind-body-spirit literature, within the artistic community, within the academic community, with all who may hold persons interested in this class of communication.

There is a time-frame within which this is possible. There is a time-frame beyond which it is not possible, for a variety of reasons to do with the life-paths of these particular individuals and their combination and their inclusion.

So we offer this with all of the capacity and enthusiasm of which we are capable, and we would that you join us. Please do.

J Thank you. How am I to address the issue of confidence?

^By holding it resolutely in front of you until you disassemble it, through your calm and considered responses.

The issue of the ‘fraud’ is well-known in this country, and it is well known to be a false premise. The actual performance is one of confident maturity. The premise is from the unconfident self, through whose eyes one looks to generate the self-perception of ones apparent fraudulent status. The fraudulent status itself is false. Elect to perceive the capacity as a truth, by testing it within the perception of others whom you trust. From that will come the capacity to clearly observe the origins of the willingness to perceive oneself as anything else. It is a maturational step that troubles many people. It is addressable, and it can be conquered, provided there is sufficient willingness to explore it. Not in a self-blaming way, but with enough love of the self to track down or simply forgive whatever causes there may be, and make a transition from the past incompetence to present confident performance, utilising the skills presently within one’s disposal.

In the same way as teaching used to be less competent but is now fully competent, in exactly the same way, performance in this class of perception used to be less competent, but now is fully competent. The only barrier is the compounded unwillingness to simply perceive it through the present mature perception, rather then the habitual limited perception. There is a link between self-aggrandisement as boasting of unreal capacity, and the manifestation of calm competence as the expression of genuine capacity within the frame of humility. Humility does not require any component of reticence. It may be that there is an inappropriate linkage in your self-definition, of humility with reticence. The two need not be linked.

J And what is the link with the desire for recognition?

^There need be zero desire for recognition, simply willingness to manifest one’s competent perception. The issue is not gain for the self, but gain for others. And a simple willingness to teach what one knows through valid perception is adequate to fulfil that task. That is not self-aggrandisement. That is not boasting. That is simple performance of a skill.

There are ancient linkages which could be explored, which at this point constitute an inappropriate interference with self-perception as maturely competent. This need not be a burden, it can be a very rewarding joy were you to transcend this small issue.

J To me, it’s a 2000 foot mountain.

^We understand this. We would be very willing to assist, were the request made at another time.

J I give thanks for this. I recognise I am entering a phase of introspection, a phase I share with Richard, for we are similarly challenged.

R You have put high standards to perform, and I just bullshit my way through, most of the time. I had a vision earlier on that we should join hands, but in a different way to what we have done in the past, and it wasn’t clear until now quite the way we should do it. But if you are willing to try?

J MM-mm.

R Janet, if you put your hands together like that = and Peter, you put your right hand on top, left underneath, and I’ll do the same. I’ve no idea what we do now.

J Focus on the energy.

P I see it as 3 petals, linking us all.

P There is enormous goodwill for you, Janet. By everyone around us as well as each of us.

P We welcome you. You are amongst equals who love you, all of us. This is your coming of age, to the deepest level, welcoming all parts.

R It’s like there is a host of entities around us in spirit.

P We have a lot of company! You are an elder now. From this moment, acknowledged as such by those who know.

J I’m experiencing a cleansing.

P It fair brings a tear to the eye.

J Thank you Richard.

R All the spooks are packing up their recycling bags and going home, and taking their bottles with them ;-)

P That was beautiful!

J Things that strike a chord – you rattling on there, and the word humility kept on coming to me, and then you spoke it!

R And it was that humility doesn’t mean reticence. I thought that was very profound, for me.

J Thank you for voicing what I feel I was being told but was unable to articulate for want of conviction.

P And the want of conviction is just based on confusion of definition and attributes. Have you ever had anybody in your life acknowledge your status of mastery?

J You do it all the time! And I don’t believe you.

P Exactly. It can be astonishingly meaningful. I went through that when I was 48 at a men’s group at Mana Retreat Centre. Two of 50 men were acknowledged as elders. It felt like ‘wow, it’s time!’ I don’t know what it’s like in this respect in the world of women, but in the world of men, certainly to be acknowledged as an experienced, mature warrior of the spirit is an archetype in mature competent power. It means something. In the world of women I think the equivalent is the Crone, and it’s very positive; the Wise One. It’s a very import transition in the life journey. This is not an egoic claim, but something to be grown into by the hard work of a life.

J Mm, much to be reflected upon.

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