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I’ve just been typing the transcript for last night, the meditation in which the 200 foot figure came.  Perhaps I should use non-anachronistic terminology like 100 metre. 

And I’ve had a mental conversation to indicate that the next chapter of the Argonauts book is available here and now.  So I come to sit in my chair as usual with the Lazy-boy footrest up, elevating my feet, and trying to ignore the feeling of chill, that is becoming more clear as the weather warms up out of winter, as a reliable identifier of spiritual presence.

^And we have another chapter for you, as requested and as we have contracted.  The topic is somewhat different this time yet related to the theme of the book as a whole.  We come now into your awareness in relation to the publication intended for release in the coming year with a cover entitled “Argonauts of the deep mind” 

As an aside, the publication is to be large format, not small format, at least perhaps in the second edition.  That is the reason for the current emphasis on image handling, so that under no circumstances are the images to be degraded through simple digital process, but rather to retain the best quality of representation so as to enable their printing in a large format work, and by large format in this instance we refer to the A4 size in landscape.

Coming now as we do from the realm generically referred to as the spiritual domain, we have our own particular set of criteria and awareness of the parameters distinguishing one domain from another, and in this instance we refer to the physical domain as just one of the many perceivable, and within which we may travel.

The binary notion commonly held within the domain of the human is self-limited, and in this instance we refer not to the traditional controversy concerning dual or non-dual philosophical systems of understanding, but the recognition that there is an essential unity amongst them all.  And we decline to specify the number of domains in existence, in terms of their spiritual or non-spiritual [and in this instance we mean physical] or other nature, for that is simply to extend the discussion beyond anything useful to the inhabitant confining their attention to the physical domain.

Those inhabitants who have some degree of access to the spiritual level of perception, and hence are amenable to the concept of there being a non-physical domain validly and essentially in existence, are to be congratulated in their escape from the confines of the common educational system teaching parameter-set, which in these times actively avoids the inclusion of a description of the non-physical domains of existence.  Naturally, the individuals who are thus endowed, are so because either they have simply been taught to be so, or they have not been taught to be otherwise, or they, as part of their natural capacity, have direct experience of the non-physical elements to existence. 

And so we broaden the discussion to that degree, by referring to the zones of existence in such a way as to clearly indicate that the present discussion conducted to date concerning the agapé/hierarchy/fear tripartite model of existence, with the division of agapé and hierarchy into discrete steps with the value given to the agapéic frequency dimension only as being 65 trillion, is itself partial.

The willingness to re-order existence into that just-described set of parameters, subdivided into that as well as an intrusion into the domain of the physical, with that physical domain remaining not definitively associated in any strict manner to the foundation level of existence in agapé and hierarchy, is something which must be dealt with sooner or later, and we elect to deal with it at this time.

String theory is widely perceived to be a means by which the collection of realms of existence in their fundamental form, can be connected together.  In our description of our version of the existence of domains of existence, it is somewhat unfortunate that this individual through whom we speak has zero capacity to discuss these issues in those terms, through virtually complete unfamiliarity with either the philosophical or the mathematical abilities to represent those domains in terms of the string theory, for that would be a useful adjunct to the discussion.  In the absence of those useful capacities by which to discuss these things, we are reduced to utilising either concepts already existent within this individual’s mind, or to introduce such concepts as are necessary at each step in the discussion.  And so that is the latter course of our choosing.  This will therefore take a little time to articulate, for an appreciation of the concepts must be progressively delivered so as to expand the capacity to articulate these things beyond what is presently known.  Nevertheless, we proceed at once.

Those individuals who have some familiarity with the mathematically descriptive views of existence may find some correlations with their present understanding in what follows. If they do not, it should not be construed with evidence of absence of veracity, but rather evidence of incapacity to adequately connect to those descriptors of existence.  So we lead the reader into the first of several chapters on a discussion from the perspective of a person naïve in the historical representation of distinctions between the physical domain, and those other domains which surround it in association.  And by this metaphor we refer to the cluster diagram, necessarily with the entire realm of physics and philosophy at its centre.  Around that, may be attached as if on a mind-map, can be placed in the left-hand corner, conventional descriptions of the domain of the spirit in its traditional religious form.  Next clockwise in the upper left corner, is the set of modern descriptions of the spiritual domain, this one included.  On the upper right, as being next in the clockwise direction, can be placed descriptions currently under development, by which to include domains other than the combination of the present physical and spiritual domains.  And in the lower right, next clockwise, is those yet to be developed which may, in a combinatorial way, be derived through new notation, such as to intrinsically describe existence as independent from a discrete-realm model, but rather as a fundamental level description, from which all others may be derived, given specific circumstances.  And so this allows the reader to observe there to be a very long term progressively developing understanding, with an endpoint not yet reached.

So by this we expand the realms in view, so to speak, in two directions.  In one, being the explicit descriptions of realms other than confined to the physical domain, and the present or traditional descriptions of the spiritual domain, and then look to include a common subset set of descriptors yet to be developed.  This is a long-term objective.  We would prefer to contribute to that, but understand that that is dependent upon several factors, only one of which is the recognition of this long-term plan involving this particular individual to convey into the domain of the human, some descriptions by which these sets of realms may be brought into an ordered relationship and seen in the context of history.

This is a broad goal, and we do not expect to proceed very far with that at this time.  Nevertheless it forms a context within which to proceed stepwise in the description of some few parameters that may extend the picture beyond what has already been given.

As will have already become apparent, the task of understanding these realms progressively is a very long-term one, and almost inconceivable from the limited perspective of the individual fragment currently embodied, for it already has much to do in dealing with its life as presently configured, let alone coming to terms with its other existences as a fragment, and certainly not having anything to do with the task at the group level, that is, the true entity commonly called the group soul, which has as its task the progressive integration and assimilation of understanding into an ordered set.

Naturally, the configuration of any particular group has a probability of being somewhat different from the assimilation of any other group identity.  That is not a consequence of any concern, simply a probable product of the discrete functioning at that level, contrasting one entity with another. 

A higher order objective than that, is to obtain a complete understanding across all of the entities, from which to project further advances in understanding through progressively further exploration of the domain’s existence, even as they may be constructed for such experiments.  For the curiosity, on the realm of existence which oversees the domain of existence on the consolidated entity level, is just as significant as it is at the level of the human. 

So that in itself is a universal parameter of existence.  The curiosity to know, and to not rest until what can be known, is known.  That is one of the bases for the manifestation of intelligence, as conventionally understood.

That is sufficient for this day.

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