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20/06/2010 prc mphil_temptations of mara


^Coming as we do from a distant realm, it remains nevertheless easy for us to perceive and to relate to the temptations of Mara. The dynamic is one of insistent attractiveness and is or constitutes an energy flow from a particular level in psychosocial space as augmented by the appropriate excitement and enticement coming from a particular level in psycho-spiritual space. This confluence of energies is responsible for the diversionary nature of the attraction towards physical and sexual involvement with a person, in this case Carolyn.

So these two sources of entangling energy are what is meant by the temptations of Mara, for this is a spiritual phenomenon only. It excites the physical organism and the emotional creature and those combinations of patterns of prior involvement, history of enticement, sensitivity to stimulus by sensual and sexual similar prior experiences when blended together, constitute a potent and convincing pole of attractiveness, if one may express it in such terms. The idea of the pole represents the extreme of a continuum and is related to that term in frequency space and its application in performance in frequency terms of a communicative channel [in electronic communications engineering]. So these are the combined attributes and some potentially useful attributions in coming to awareness of the contextual field within which an embodied individual can become ensnared.

This is not wrong. This is merely normal and it constitutes the basis of many relationships. In many it constitutes the only basis. In many others it is merely an associated thread within other contexts which can include the karmic in both the positive and the negative senses.

So in this case the context is also karmic in the positive sense for these two individuals have been in loving relationship at another time and place and the location of Italy is already understood and confirmed at this time.

The context from that time represents an understanding that relationship could continue even after death. That understanding at that time was unusual. It was disputed, it was ridiculed but within these two individuals it was quietly acknowledged as a reality for them, and so it has come to pass.

The phenomenon of it now constituting one of the temptations of Mara is a new development, but that is contextualised within the task accepted by this individual, which was not foreseen at that time.

So the centralising tendency has been supported on this occasion. The diversion has been avoided and properly so. The maintenance of relationship can of course continue in mutual respect and love with an enhanced understanding of the inviolability of the life path now again elected by this one through whom we speak.

P Mm - that seems to be that.

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