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20080821 Old Bones

Invocation by R not transcribed

Through Janet

^We have come into this state of being in order to guide you through the meditative process, which will allow you to raise yourselves above the plane of mundane existence to a level of spiritual compatibility with those who would come to communicate with you. In order to facilitate this journey we would have you imagine yourselves insensitive to the vagaries of temperature, insensitive also to the debilitations of physical fatigue. So join us on a journey up the slopes of a snow-covered mountain. This mountain is bathed in sunlight and the snow is fresh and newly fallen, thickly blanketing the rugged slopes falling away beneath you, to a sunlit plain also blanketed in glistening white snow. The panorama before you is pristine, with no indication of human intrusion. The air around you is still. Sun sparkles off various facets of this snow-clad scene. There is a place for you on this slope on the carpet beneath you. Settle yourselves here, for one from those regions beyond will soon approach you. Be ready to receive a fulfilling sense of joy, and ask of this entity any such question which will be brought to your mind. Take time, and we will remind you when it is necessary to return to reality, which you have already left.

Med recounting

R I was expecting a being, and this great black bird came. It was very black and slightly scary and leaned forward and looked at me with one eye, quizzically. It turned out that it belonged to a very tall man who was like a Viking warrior in armour with axe in hand. He was very big, much, much bigger than I. I said “what do I need to be doing now?”, or words to that effect. He said “you need to be a warrior, not a worrier.” I asked after a specific situation. He said “Strength. Wisdom is strength. Anger is strength. Gentleness is strength. And which one serves you best? Look!” I looked and up the mountain through the snow, there was somebody coming. When this being got close it turned out to be a cross between an angel and Peter Pan, a youngish sexless being, a bit smaller than me, with wings. He was to uplift me and give me a sense of lightness and joy. And so I had these three characters; the warrior, the bird who was wisdom, and this androgynous angelic figure. So I said “what about gentleness?” They said “you’ve got enough of that.” So we sat and looked out, then went flying together at my request, then we sat again, and the warrior was on my left with his hand on my shoulder. The being with wings was cuddled up on my right, and the bird had its beak resting on my shoulder. I thought it was neat to have all this support. It was hard to just sit there and take in the vista. Then they buggered off, and I went zapping down the mountain at speed as if I were flying.

J A very eventful meditation!

P I zoomed up the mountain to the top, but not much happened so I rolled out a very large (km?) welcoming space for enacting whatever, wondered who was there, and then made out in the distance this tiny speck, so zoomed up to it & it turned out to be this little figure of a Chinaman sitting cross-legged. That reminded me that many years ago when I first started doing automatic writing in my room during lunch at Ruakura and would usually sign it with a Chinese character. I had no idea what it was except it was the signature, and eventually a Chinese biologist there said it was the character for ‘big man’. Anyway tonight, the question was ‘how to love?’ And straight away the response came ‘do nothing else.’ Which is hard to do. Then I sat there with that for a long time. So mine was not like Richards, with lots of activity, but lots of stillness, and some practice at extending that arena or space for enactment. And it reminded me that about 1985 that Chinese character was there, then in 2000 at Vipassana he said he had ‘been here all along, just saying nothing.’ And his name was ‘Tzu’ said with rising inflection, which I think means ‘master’ or similar.

J I was approached by a very large shining glowing entity which stood before me and then shrank down to a very small child, who took me through an extremely detailed exploration of my childhood home, all around the garden, through every room in the house. The detail was quite amazing. There was no-one there, though. It all appeared to be from the early 1950’s when I was about 3, and even down to the texture of the wallpaper.

P All the things that young eyes notice. What were the feelings?

J The word that came was rejuvenation, back to the juvenile time, as a reminder of the innocence of youth and the serenity of those times. It was a very calming peaceful happy feeling. It was very nice. The tea-cosy, the fireplace, phonogram, so much detail!

P And what an unusual use of the word rejuvenation!

J Are you ready to speak, Peter

P No. I don’t feel anybody present. Do you?

J Yes. Richard, is it you?

R No, I don’t recognise anybody. I sense someone standing over Peter.

P Mm. Maybe I should sit up and pay attention!

R I’m not sure if it’s my imagination, but I see someone behind each of us. Maybe it’s just us?

P I think it’s really important to honour the imagery.

Through Peter

^We have indeed come before each of you. The opportunity has been taken to enact the full visualisation. There are those present whom you seek, for you have found them and allowed them to be present without doubt nor diminishment nor denial. This is an important event, for it breeds a foundation of confidence that yes, you have been stood with, and acknowledged that strength. This is the connection to the higher self. This is the higher knowing and acknowledgement of that self from that level and not from the small ego.

From this level there is only confidence. No need to worry. From this level the warrior is a natural ally and aspect, to be drawn on at any moment as required, should that choice be made. And so it is with each other member of the archetypal family. And to acknowledge that enables that rich resource in its positive aspects to be drawn on at any time in the egoic expression and exploration.

And so we come to you as we say for the acknowledgement of this condition. It has been some considerable time coming, and it is the foundation for all which will ensue. Take this moment to acknowledge the feeling, the sense of strength and capability and wise knowledge. Feel how that feels within you, and return to it often. And when from the ordinary egoic level sense, the lower mind, you feel uncertain, you feel divided within yourselves internally, recall this feeling, and rise out of that confused identity and return to this source and find refreshment there. It will help you.

P So there! I hope I wasn’t the only one feeling that A-grade pristine solid presence. It was amazing!

R I certainly felt taller.

J I can relate to what you were saying. I just hope it doesn’t go away in the night! I was experiencing a very strong sense of the 3rd eye and looking into oneself.

R I got the feeling that the normal turmoil and day to day things were all ‘down there’ and not very important. They are important in that we have to live in this physical world. There are ways of being and codes of behaviour, but they are not particularly important.

J In the world but not of the world. Now, is there more?

R I think there’s more if we want it. but we don’t have to have it. It’s optional.

P We’ve got a healing opportunity of some sort. … I’m starting to see broken bodies (actually dispersed old yellowed human bones) and expressions of pain and anguish. I seem to have somebody with me.

^We have brought these bones before you for proper interment.

J From whence do they come?

^They were an ancient desert tribe.

R How did they die?

^They were driven from their land, banished and left to die. Their death has never been honoured. We would that you be willing to bring these remnants between you for them to be claimed. Are you willing to do this?

R I am.

J Yes.

^Then they lie in shards between you and before you. Observe their reassembly. These are a people who did not understand that they are separate from their bones. And so they have lain with their bones, believing that to be them. Let them rise and separate and leave behind those bones. Allow them to understand through your goodwill and your love and your understanding that the bones are not the repository of spirit. Spirit is, and bones decay. And teach them that they need never again associate so closely with those archaic remnants. … One comes running. A running skeleton. … May they be at peace.

P Did you guys get any imagery?

R Lots of dark-skinned people, relatively small, I think not pygmies, just small stature, and they just rose up from the bones. And many of them went towards the light, which was up to the left, and others came and needed to be formally, like hands-on “go in peace”, (to) each one, until they were all gone. So some went easily, and some needed more releasing.

J (for me) it was something similar to as Richard described. They were definitely small. The image was not of anyone particularly solid, but slight and misty, with fearful eyes.

P Afraid to leave the bones?

J Having hidden beneath them for so long at the level of earth.

R One thrust a baby into my arms. I’m not sure what happened to it. It’s gone.

P What a gesture of trust. I can imagine the feeling behind that! And what colour were the bones?

R A yellowy-grey. It’s hard to visualise now.

P I saw them as pale yellowy-brown, more yellow than brown, as if having lain in reddish sand or earth.

R It did seem a tropical desert situation, perhaps Africa. (end)

Healing not transcribed.

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