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8/04/2010 prcjlogrb dervil_tree spirit_ more questions than answers


Prcjlogrb name unknown yet but not 100000 down that was last week

After clean reinstall of all software.

J I would like to voice our intention to combine our energies in order to make ourselves available to those who come in spirit. We would act as conduits between the heavenly forces and the natural state of this earth. I ask that we receive protection from incoming energies of less that the highest intent, and I would ask that we be granted audience with those who can teach us a formula for living more valuable lives through service. I would ask that all daily concerns be cast aside and that we each settle and open our hearts and minds to the spiritual forces which surround us. … Richard, I feel there is a presence before you. Can you associate with that?

R I see what appears to be a man some distance away with a lot of light around him.

J Mm.

R He's got a hat on. The people I see always seem to have hats on. I can't pick up anything more than that. …

J Over to you, Peter

P Pardon?

J It's over to you.

P Really. I was just wondering if you could ask him to come closer and identify himself and explain the nature of the relationship? …

R I can't seem to see. He's gone.

J I think so.

P I didn't see him at all. …

J I would like to ask that we all bring to mind Heidi's Tony, and ask for greater lucidity in his days. … Please bring your attention to this – this what? I don't know, I've lost that one. OK guys, wake up. What have you been doing, sleeping?

R No.

P No.

R I've been wandering around in my mind in very small circles.

J Where do you keep your mind?

R Mind your own business ;-) In my head. Have you anything to report, Peter?

P No, I was just asking a lot of questions about Tony and his mind-state and brain-state and why there is no apparent connection between his higher self knowing and his residual lower mind and what happened, and all that stuff.

J Did you get any answers?

P No, not a thing.

R I was thinking about an uncle of mine whose mind has deteriorated considerably. He has age-related dementia and is severely deaf and doesn't know how to put in his hearing aids, and they've always run out of battery. It's extremely difficult to communicate with him. But the unfortunate thing is that he has not made a will because he has no dependants and hasn't appointed anybody with power of attorney. So nobody can do anything like arrange insurance on his house, which he hasn't lived in for some time, or operate his bank account and all those sorts of things. The question is he has an accountant who looks after his affairs and he has substantial assets. But his lawyer is the accountant's son.

J Gosh. That's a worry.

R Yeah, I'm a bit concerned. And so I guess my question was, can they be trusted? If not, what are we going to do? So I'd really like the answer to that.

J What answer do you get if you flip your coin, Peter?

P The answer I get is that the information is accessible directly to you through your own higher self, Richard.

J Mine's a bit more direct, I think they can be trusted.

P Yes, and I don't get any indication to the contrary.

J Mm, although it sounds like a recipe for disaster.

P Mm, potentially, but with professional ethics applied, there's no problem.

R That's good.

J So is poor old uncle confined to one of these rest homes?

R Yeah, he's no longer able to look after himself. He's pretty infirm. But they look after him really well.

P So if he dies intestate? What does that mean, everything goes to the public trust? Oh, it devolves to his next of kin.

R I think so. And there is a complicated procedure and the government appoints somebody. I don't know for sure he hasn't got a will. I haven't talked to the accountant or lawyer, so I need to do that at some stage. …

P I'd like a comprehensive explanation concerning the visitor we had last week.

J Didn't we get one?

P I don't remember. Did we?

J Yes we did.

R Mm. They said it was the lowest level of being that would be presented to us.

J To the tune of 100, 000?

P 100,000 units down, yes, I remember that bit. Yes, but what nature of creature was it?

J Don't bring him forth again please!

P No, that's not the question. Presumably it's not a creature at all in the conventional sense, a spiritual identity, but what nature and kind and where does that category of being fit in the scheme of things? What's it's origin and endpoint and is it a precursor to anything? I can't categorise it. Why was it brought to us? What purpose did that serve? …

J Any response to the queries?

P Not so far, but there seems to be something happening. … It's quite odd, but I got the phrase “we come before you in severely truncated form.” And then I felt as if a mask manifested on my face, but it was very thin. And I don't quite know what that means, but it might represent the extent to which the identity from a long way down last week was 'thick' ;-) J Well interestingly, I had a vision of a tree, a Morton Bay fig, with buttressed roots a dark grey trunk and big leaves and things, and what came was the term 'dervil', which sounds something like devil or dervish, but it was neither of those. But the explanation was that they are entities forming parts of trees, and that we could enter that realm if we wished, but there was little to be gained from so doing.

R No wonder it was truncated ;-)

J And the mask was the bark on the tree ;-)

P (laughs) Yes! My thought exactly!

J We could expand on this one ad nauseam should we so desire ;-) Personally I'd rather go to sleep!

R That's a peculiar branch of the family ;-)

P I guess what that brings to mind for me is the question related to the distinction between identities ignorant of love, and how that relates to the degree of consciousness manifested. Like, what is the relationship between consciousness and awareness as a phenomenon, and knowledge of or intrinsic love status in relation to the agape scale? And is that the same kind of spectrum that has been spoken of in other traditions, whereby consciousness manifests in a sequence, supposedly, from physical things like rocks then life-forms, primitive then more complex, and is that a different scale from the agape scale or is it the same, and if so, where do things like vegetables and rocks fit on that agape scale, if at all? What are the distinctions between those things? Is the scale of consciousness manifestation different from the scale of love manifestation?

R Richard, would you mind answering that one? A simple yes or no will do. ;-)

R Maybe. ;-) (laughter)

P Oh, Oh wise one Thank you ;-)

R It depends how you define consciousness, I guess.

P Yes.

J If you didn't make the questions quite so complex, perhaps you might get an answer.

P I thought it was really simple.

J Oh, why bother to ask, in that case? ;-)

R We get a higher class of spook to answer that one. I think to say that a rock has consciousness is stretching things a bit.

P I don't know, I talked to a rock once and it gave me a story about where it had been and what had happened to it.

J But was it the rock or just a spirit manifesting within the rock?

P Yeah, well, who knows?

R You were drunk at the time? It has a wavelength so it has some sort of properties. But consciousness implies an awareness of itself.

P Mm. That leads to the question “how is consciousness distributed through creation, if you like, or the physical realm, and is it inherent in all things or is it confined in some way or concentrated in life forms?” These are big questions.

J ^And in order to create the question you have to have the seed of the answer within yourself. …

R You asked how consciousness was distributed. I asked my higher self, and the answer was “distributed by New World supermarkets. It comes as a free gift in the Weetbix packets.” (laughter) So the seed of the answer is within. ;-)

J And it's a wheat seed! I think it's time for us to do something else. ;-)

P I was getting a strange perception of a very gentle breeze just coming in this way, and I have no idea what that was about.

J It's a draft coming in the back door.

R Perhaps that's how consciousness is distributed, slowly and gently, imperceptibly slowly. Think of the development of life on Earth.

P I have no idea, Richard.

J Why do you ask things like that? Can't you ask something simple, like what's for breakfast?

R Whether to by a winning Lotto ticket. Simple things like that.

P A very … to ask that sort of question is to ask how does the teaching we have received connect to older discussions.

J Yes. We understand that.

P The impression I had was that that's not going to be answered now, and it's not even part of this discussion and clarification because this is an independent teaching about a specific aspect, and to let somebody else worry about those other things. Or something to that effect, I think, maybe.

J I got the same impression. “Why are you asking this?” And it wasn't just me, it was somebody else saying that.

P Well. That leaves me a bit frustrated.

R Well it seems to to be a valid question, it's just that the answer doesn't seem to be forthcoming in this particular forum.

P No. No, that's right, and may not even be very important in this forum, but how do you know until you ask?

R Right.

J What sort of forum do you need and where will you find it, is what you need to ask.

P Maybe it's just not important in this context. Maybe it's a red herring. And maybe we've got enough to be going on with.

R If they give the answer to that one, then that leads on to another question, and so on.

P Yeah well I can't even cope with what we've been getting. I've been becoming seriously bogged down in my own mind in trying to deal with the material we've already got, so maybe that's the point.

J Well early in the meditation I got the information that a time of greater clarity was about to dawn. Thank the Lord for that! So I don't know if it was just for me or whether you guys get to share in that.

R Maybe the clarity will come because of you?

(further discussion not transcribed)

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