20160108 prc bad dreams

8/01/2016 prc bad dreams



^There are a number of things which can be said in relation to the events of yesterday, concerning the infiltration of organisations of individuals of contrary intention.

The capacity to carry a covert stream of intention as well as an overt stream of intention contrary to the covert one, is a faculty of the human. In many instances the individuals are unaware to some degree of the contrast between these overt and covert streams of intention. Nevertheless anyone in that situation will admit the mixed nature of their activities and preferences. And it is this mixed nature which is a primary indicator. The difficulty is in successfully confronting them, were that option to be chosen, with the inconsistencies within them. And of course such inconsistencies tend to be hidden, even from the individual concerned, even to the extent of having a shadow self which is more active than the primary personality, so-called.

The condition where that tends to be more true is in those individuals more wedded to the contrary intention and the idea of successfully and powerfully influencing those who surround them, so as to frustrate their ideals. There is a particular satisfaction able to be gained by such individuals, where they, as a reflex, carry a motivation of frustration and, disseminating that outwards, seek to nullify the success of others. This is the case in two of the TS committee in Hamilton, whereby in the one case, inaction, passive avoidance, is a determining factor in their contribution to the committee. And that is regarding the male individual Geoffrey. And in the case of Suzanne, active fostering of divergent path so as to dissipate the energy of the group with constant distraction, all the while maintaining an overt positivity and flamboyant display.

These tactics generally are endemic throughout that organisation and are a consequence of the systematic infiltration of those of contrary intention as referred to in the recent documentation of January 16.

There is nothing wrong with this. It constitutes an opportunity for aware choice-making by the individuals involved in the control of such organisations. Where awareness is stunted or withheld, then activity for activity's sake can be indulged in for little positive outcome. The higher levels of love are not accessed. There is a continuing sense of missing the point and ineffectuality through which such individuals bequeath to others, responsibility for such inactivity and ineffectuality.

This individual himself is a consequence of having transcended some of those qualities, which were a feature of his life at a younger age. And so the accentuation of the negative, the highlighting of problems, the stubborn passive resistance to seeking the lightest and most effective outcome, acted to illustrate these differences. It is from such experience that the contrasts can be drawn.

The power struggles endemic in that organisation have at their root, the active infiltration by individuals able to divert positive outcome to ineffectuality. That has occurred at the highest levels in the organisation and Radha Bernier is an example. Because of her present condition of being deceased from that position, there has come an opportunity to transform the organisation throughout its breadth and depth. That is, its international reach and down to the level of the ordinary membership in its diverse locations. It was for that reason that the present initiative has been taken, because during the term of her presidency in the international arena, the initiatives that we were proposing could never have succeeded.

The present night's dreams of engagement with being on the fringes of drug-taking and larceny, with overtones of involvement in coerced activity reminiscent of torture, are the consequence of the destructive influence within the Hamilton Lodge. The present president Carol Collier is not sufficiently strongly centred within her most positive aspect to actively counter these things by her will. Therefore we encourage her support by you, because she lacks the strength of conviction to convert her observation into determined action to counter these destructive influences, clothed as they are in the appearance of positivity.

The play will play out. Its outcome is undetermined as yet, of course. It has been her chance to 'step up', using that current idiom, to her potential. The outcome is an open question at this time.

P This is so interesting!! And instructive.

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