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26/10/2010 prc tested


20101026  09:25

Suddenly cold!

^It will come to pass that the Foundation of Higher Learning will invite you to visit there in order to assure them of your integrity and acquired knowledge.  This is to be accepted, of course.  It will be an opportunity to broaden their understanding by contact with a contemporary master of related kind to their own.


P Yesterday afternoon Labour Day Carolyn took me to Raglan to walk on the beach.  I hesitated to agree to the trip so read old discussion here to help me decide, and I’m glad I accepted to go on condition we visited cemeteries.  So on the way she spotted the Whatawhata one on a hilltop, so we stopped and  felt a recent arrival.  His grave was still unmarked, heaped and fresh, and he had connections to Kawhia or Ruapuke south of Karioi.  Many lovely and novel gravestones there.  Then we visited Waitetuna Lodge and met Jo the redhead, who showed us the new renovations to showers and new mattresses and I gave her my card for her to email accommodation costs.  Then as I drove (because C was still upset by her family) I felt a spiritual draw to my right but was puzzled as to its origin.  Then I connected more strongly and had to stop to establish what we were connecting to, and found a welcome from a guardian on the hilltop overlooking the valley from the north (right side) with whom I recorded a short chat.  Having been acknowledged the guardian withdrew so we continued to the ocean beach.  Being close to full moon the tide was very far out (see photos) so we walked the full length of the beach to the southern rocks (2 hr return!).  We were nearly there when C registered a guardian and I noticed its location on the cliff top.  Again we were welcomed warmly and I recorded some channelling by C from the guardian who identified himself as Tanewaingaro.  Emma (C daughter) being home alone she elected to return directly to cook for her instead of dining with me in Raglan. 

So after all the exertion of the weekend the early night was welcome.

This morning I have slept more then after chat with Paula (neighbour) I stood at the doorway and felt a very heavy presence in the turning bay.  Sitting to dialogue I made the choice to send it love and asked that the area be cleansed and actively disconnected from anyone we may have attracted during the trip yesterday, so soon noticed the atmosphere return to tranquillity.  A little test perhaps?

Janet’s flat 43B is extraordinarily tranquil inside.  I think it has been prepared for us to hold the school there.  I showed J the transcript about her purchase having been stimulated to enable that and she seems to have accepted that and let go of any sense of imposition.  I feel relieved about that.  Sleepy now:

^We come on this occasion to confirm both the presence just referred to and its removal by what could be described as a deluge of light brought present on your behalf and ours.  The entity was sent by you to test yourself, not by us, so we have as our commendation the restoration of wholeness and yet tiredness to your awareness, for it is true the weekend was taxing physically for your body.  Spiritually you have laboured to prepare a welcome to proud ownership of a shared space by which to convey the message we have recorded through you.  It is no accident that this place was chosen nor that Janet so persistently directed you to purchase this most attractive joint accommodation years ago as it was the most spacious of her owned accommodation then and the reason it felt right to her was that by directing her we ensured your future for you in our interests.  Thus is our space available now.  Rest more now.  We have work to do tonight.  The bookshelf and in-tray can safely wait.

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