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^Take dictation:

The originator of the life-museum in the hill above the calf-herder’s cottage had installed few windows. Set into the hillside so as to shelter from the occasional storms, it produced a willingness in its owner to hide out at such times, and pray for the cessation of the storm. For the roof leaked, and the chimney did not work well in a wind, so the double contrast with fine days felt unfair to the little owner, a small woman many years past her prime. She had lived there since she was a child, and loved the days when the air was soft and warm, the sun shone, and the bees were active in her garden, rich with blooms. Sighing with occasional body-pain due to age, she worked now weeding and caring for her vegetable crop. Sometimes she sang with pleasure as she dug up juicy tubers, or plucked ripe fruit from her trees, for she was healthy and happy most of the time, in spite of her advanced years.

She lived alone, as she always had since childhood. Her parents had been killed in the plague, but she had been one of the few lucky ones to be spared. The village was not far away; she could walk there easily in an hour. They had lost most of their inhabitants, so it had taken most of her life for the population to come back to nearly what it was in her youth. So it had not been her fault that she was childless, but her circumstances, and the tide of the time.

^We come again to your ears and mind, for there are many such stories to be written in your interests, for a writer you always will be now, at least at home and in your mind and heart and family, for such are writers made, of willing men and women who wish to give life to their minds and pens so as to entertain others. In the life to come you will have a rich faculty at hand to guide your life-path again into the enterprise of writing, but of course in that language. Nevertheless it will be easy for you to acquire English and spiritual understanding, and cross the cultural divide to connect to your past, even as it has been merely possible in this lifetime. Rest now, and see him.

Saw a tall lanky guy checking the ground in flat countryside. Angular face, big nose, check shirt.

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