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23/09/2010 prcjlogrb rescues_c debut_cleansing all round


The recent earthquake in Christchurch is a topic of conversation during the initial relaxation phase. And Carolyn has a sore eye which subsequently developed into a week in hospital. Brief invocation not transcribed. Janet is in Gore during her mid-term break from teaching.

C Peter, was there a Jane or a Janet at that cemetery the other day? The Whitiora cemetery. Jean. Jean.

P Yes. I forget which grave she was associated with. Is she with you?

C Yes. She said “thank you for inviting me.”

P Good. Welcome. How can we help? Why were you still there?

C I don't think she is, but I think she has come to bring something to our attention. Her son. I wonder if it's something to do with … He's passed. He's stuck.

P Where is he? What's keeping him stuck?

C Roger.

P Is that her son's name?

C Mm.

P Was he buried in that cemetery? Is he still associated with his grave?

C Yes.

P Where is the grave?

C Te Awamutu.

P OK. In that case, let's invite him here too? Can somebody go and get him, or bring him to us?

C I've got his hand.

P OK. Welcome, Roger. Why were you still at your grave?

C He's hiding. Not willing to move. Peeking out.

P Well, it is perfectly safe for you to be present with us, Roger. There's no risk nor danger, in fact quite the reverse. It's an opportunity for you to join with those who know about these things who can help you move on to your right place in the light.

R So is it alright if I come out?

P It certainly is and we welcome you here.

R Oh, it's quite nice, isn't it really?!

P Yes it is. What year do you think it is?

R 2009.

P OK. Is that the year you died?

R Mm.

P OK, well it's 2010 now, you've not been there long. Some people stay with their graves much longer than that so congratulations on your willingness to join us.

R It was me mum.

P Oh, was it your mum that called you?

R Mm.

P Alright. Now, do you think she knows where to go?

R Mm-mm.

P OK, then you just go with her and she'll show you where to go to and I expect it'll be an even nicer place than this. OK?


P OK, thank you for calling by on us on your journey and we'll see you whenever that might be. … I haven't sensed any movement, what's happened?

C Mm.

P Has Jean gone? Does she actually know where to go?

C They're alright now.

P OK. Are there any others from Whitiora or Te Awamutu or Hautapu or anywhere else? :-) - that would like to make their presence known or just head off?

C Maybe we should ask them to get together because there is a guy called Bill.

P Well if he can gather everybody together …

C Mm, it'll be easier than a queue.

P Sure, yes. All we need to do is to interact with one person who is willing to act as representative of the group and for them to look for the light and find those in spirit who are already there waiting to be perceived by them so as to help them.

C Jean's welcoming the people.

P Good.

C There you go. Whether that was just Te Awamutu, or … I think it was. It's very peaceful, so …

^(very quietly) Your eye is the eye of the soul. It sees more than you think it does. It sees beauty in everybody and everything.

P That's right.

C It is a tool to discover new ways of being. Your task is to use this special tool to give guidance to people who seek you out for it. They will know you and find you. They are the ones who can be guided to use the knowledge you have to enrich their lives. You will be well looked after as you share this gift, so people will meet on the journey that is mapped out for you. It is a journey of enlightenment, love and beauty. It is our gift to you for your commitment to sharing this important knowledge to those who are seeking it. Everything will be taken care of. Just follow the path as it opens out in front of you.

C (sniffling) Does anybody know what I just said?

Pm Yes, I heard. …

X Well, hello there.

P Hello.

X This is so lovely! Oh this is so beautiful, I could float here with you.

P Good. Welcome.

X Thank you.

P What's your name?

J I'm Jonathan.

P Jonathan. Welcome, Jonathan.

J Thank you. If I said I was just passing through, you'd probably have a giggle. But that's what I'm doing, passing through.

P Good. Do you know where you are going?

J Yes, the light.

P Good.

J Going to the light.

P Excellent.

J I found your light. Beautiful light!

P What colour is it?

J That of a rainbow, but not defined colours. Like a prism. Beautiful, beautiful. And I felt my energy join with yours. The oneness of it, and it was beautiful, and is beautiful, and I know that where I am going I will know this in its entirety. But I thank you.

P You're most welcome.

J Blessings.

P Be at peace.

J I am!

P Good.

J And so too are you. Bye.

P Bye. … (to the group) I wonder if I could ask a favour of you if you don't mind? I'm having great difficulty seeing anything at all tonight and when I focus on my crown chakra, it seems to be all gummed up with a sticky, gooey sort of gunge. And it might be that I've been unsuccessful in detaching what I think is a kind of parasitic bug that's got onto me. And if you wouldn't mind directing a stream like a water-blaster of light to hose me down, as it were?

P While we do this toward you and with you, feel the light around you, mentally thinking that all that is of the light is of you. All that is not, you ask that it now be swept through to the light for cleansing.

P Yes please.

Pm And let's sweep it all up as we focus our love toward you.

P Thank you. …

Pm ^Though I receive with joy all who seek through me and with me their understanding, I now release all the negative energy, the energy that was binding me to them now, I release it all as it is not my will and intent to know it. …

P Thank you, that feels a lot clearer.

Pm Great! We thank you. I felt a heaviness around you as if you were being held.

P Mm. … OK, what's happening?

Pm It's very peaceful really, I felt energy enter and join and then just waft away. Not interaction.

P What's been happening with you, Heidi?

H Not very much at all. Except I have an itch on my foot.

P You can scratch your itch ;-)

C Give me your foot, I'll fix it for you ;-) Whereabouts?

H There!

Pm I could hear your foot shifting around, I knew there was something there that was … (laughs)

H Ohhh, it was like being eaten!

P A scorpion got your toes, has it? ;-) So how is your eye, Carolyn?

C It is OK. Still some soreness around it, but it's much better.

P When I was scanning around on what I think is the outside of the hara level, the eggshell shaped energy, it's not really a sphere, but I came across what looked like a big cavity, which I presume was the impact of the klingon thing, whatever it was, had absorbed a section of the energy field. From the perspective I was viewing it, it seemed a bit like a canyon or a crater ;-) So it took a while to blend that all and restore it. I was really grumpy this morning, and I thought “this is really odd, why am I so grumpy?” But … (I presume the klingon was the cause)

Pm Mm. I feel that tonight we've …

C Fixed everybody's ills.

Pm Mm. Had our little waft.

C Fixed your foot, your left foot.

Pm In your hands, it might mean money in or out, but what does your feet mean? ;-)

P Heidi, would you be comfortable if we scanned your energy and directed whatever might be appropriate towards you?

H Yeah. Sure.

P Well lets just use that as a little exercise to see what our perceptions might …

C Well the feeling I get is, someone wants to talk to you and she's trying to get your attention.

H Yes, I did have the impression that somebody is trying to send a message just for me. And if they are trying to do that through my foot … !!!

Pm They've got to get your attention somehow !!! ;-) (laughter)

H They're just distracting it !! Ohh!

P Well, instead of reacting negatively to it, just open up to whatever message …

Pm Say “I've got the message, I've got the point!!”

C “I'm listening!”

H Yes, that's what I've been saying!

Pm “Put the feather down and stop tickling me!”

H And the only thing I got was something about harmony. But I didn't get any more than that. So …


C Let's generate something towards you and see if you can get something more. …

P I seem to see a section of the outer area of your aura on about the waist to shoulder height on the right side behind you as if a light is reflecting off it, or being shone on it. … Apart from there seeming to be a kind of darker area in your chest which I guess is your (scarred) lungs, you seem to have a tin helmet on!

H Oh! Is that a tin helmet to keep things in or out?

P I think it's a bit like the WW2 helmets.

Pm Protection.

P I think it's a protection you've adopted from an early age.

C From bombardment.

P And you've still got it on. Is that something you were ever able to wear at any age.

H I've never worn a tin helmet. No.

P Never wanted to?

H Not a tin helmet, no. We didn't have tin helmets.

Pm Did you ever feel you wanted or needed to cover your head as a form of protection? Like a burying of your head to protect yourself from something?

H No.

P Mm, anyway, without making a big deal of it, just imagine what that might feel like, and imagine taking it off and imagine what feelings emerge as a consequence of wanting to do that, were you to imagine yourself with something like that on. And you might find unexpected feelings or you might not.

Pm Think of it sitting beside you with a beautiful flower growing in it. Blossoming, blooming.

P Would you feel comfortable if I did something to image it gone?

H Do you mean the tin helmet?

P Mm.

H Yes, I cannot relate to it.

C Tony would have had one. Would he have worn one?

H No.

P Was that more of the first world war than the second world war?

Pm No, both wars.

H Sorry?

P I was wondering which of the several wars it might relate to.

H Soldiers wore them in the second world war as well. But they were the home guard soldiers, civil defence, but civilians didn't , and I don't know whether Tony did, he might have when he was on active service in Malaya, but …

C I just got this funny feeling … he's got this funny helmet on and he's taken it off and he's put it on your head and he's going “there you go sweetie-pie” and he's plonked it on your head and given you a kiss. Putting it on your head “there you go, there you go.”

H Why?

C Just for fun. Tapping it and going “there you go sweetie-pie, see what you look like. Try it on.” Just a fun thing. … It might be there from love, an endearment, a love hat. It could be a love hat.

P And that seems to have been sufficient to dissolve it.

H Mm! Good, thank you! Explanation on that one is that the hat has gone? The need I felt to protect my head? Or what's in it?

P Can you repeat the question?

H The significance of the image of the helmet being gone, what is the significance of that? That I no longer need protecting?


C He was protecting you and he can't any more.

H Mm-mm. Thank you.

C He's so sorry! (crying)

P I expect so.

C Because it was his life's mission to protect you and look after you. …

P I think there is two possible reasons for that. One is the expression of love. The other is, Heidi, I don't think you need it any more, which is why it's been able to dissipate so easily.

Pm And why it showed itself. Time to move on.

P Yes.

H That I don't need protection any more.

P No. You are a perfectly competent adult in all respects and that long-held value stemming from Tony's love for you, perhaps at a time much younger when you were much more vulnerable. Carried forwards, it's simply now no longer required, and he's unable to sustain that, given his present condition. So it will have been a mental construct between you, representing that affection and desire to protect.

H So is he aware of that, that he can't do it any more?

Pm On a spiritual level.

P Of course.

Pm You're spiritually connected.

P Mm. … And I sense an enlargement of your aura in that upper region as an acknowledgement of this.

H Mm-mm. Thank you.

P Whether enlargement is the right word I don't know, but certainly the perception of …

Pm Openness.

P Mm, yes, a greater clarity and lightness at those upper levels now. … Anything unfinished?

Pm I think we might be done.

P Very good. OK.

[healing not transcribed]

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