20101202 prc one who knows

2/12/2010 prc one who knows


20101202  15:38

We would have your attention if we may?

P          Yes.

There has been a consensus gained at the higher levels that you should come into these parts prematurely so as to acquaint yourself directly with the powers that be arraigned against you.  Test over.  If you would wish to do so it can be arranged, of course, but that is not yet required.

P          Very cold now.

^Observe the approach of one who knows.

P          I ask for a blessing and cleansing of this body-house and this dwelling-house and the ones adjacent, and protection of my beloved on her journeys.  [impression of powerful presence i.e., clear white light and a sense of pressure impinging on my aura]  … Who or what was that?

^An identity not previously met.  It will return in due course, and this day.

Added later: But we ate and drank wine so perhaps were insensitive during meditation afterwards, so did not detect its return.

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