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10/12/2009 prc spirit vs soul_asinz instructions 3_lanping


^There are coming into your life various categories of stressor for which you would best be thoroughly rested in order to appropriately submit to or survive. The somnolence and aversion evident today is in the nature of a preparation on the basis of those factors. The willingness to share without question or query but to simply follow those unexpected patterns is the means by which we are applicable, available and prescient in your aid. So this quiet evening is an opportunity to be reflective rather than active.

We wish to add to the reflective capacity by coming at once to your attention, as we have just done, and find there opportunity to converse, commune, be convivial or at one, as the case may be. The hint of sadness present on the fringes of awareness are a simple reflection of times of conviviality foregone in the interests of more properly reflecting on your life.

So these occasions are ones in which deep communion is possible and archaic references can be located both internally within the body-mind and externally within the soul. And we will take the opportunity to remark at some lengths on the distinctions between spirit and soul. We have done this previously but we believe the references are now lost.

Locating the attention within the soul rather than the lower mind is simply an act of will for those to whom the distinction is familiar. This is the principal means by which these communications occur, whereby the stream of conversation, monologue or diatribe, as the case may be, is identifiable within the multidimensional selection point for the focus of attention. So where that selection point is identifiable, locatable and reliably accessible, given various local parameters in their dependency, then on demand, at whim or will, there is some degree of communication possible between these dramatically different levels in the identity. Whether one defines the connection point as deep or high makes no difference, for that only reflects an internal model or model-set in operation as descriptive process by which to differentiate the various parameter-sets of attention.

The parameter-set of attention to which we are referring at this time is associateable with a matrix array of or comprising sub-personalities, higher self, lower mind and core personality. The distinctions between these few are extensive and well-developed in this identity, which is not true for all. That is a prime reason for some individuals becoming able to manifest easy awareness of these distinctions, whereas others simply cannot.

So given these factors, one may observe a personal factor-set, a clustered factor-set in terms of knowledge of the personality structure, and a peripheral factor-set to do with the awareness of conditions beyond the lower mind. That awareness of conditions includes the distinctions between attention located within the higher mind, intentions within the higher mind to communicate or otherwise, awareness within the higher mind as to the local conditions experienced at any moment by the lower mind and personality, including social availability or not and the presence or absence of specific intentions concerning communication. When these various factor-sets are aligned, then communication is simple and easy. Usually target-focussed in terms of communication specifics but otherwise fluent. And so it is on this occasion and in this individual.

That thereby enables this category of communication, be it categorised as monologue or diatribe, but it results in the capacity to transfer extensive data-sets of information and knowledge not ordinarily available to the otherwise disconnected lower mind.

So given that brief description of the principal parameters affecting and utilised in the process of communication, we bring the awareness now to the short-term future within which there is hypothesised, planned for but not yet accepted, an intention to communicate and grapple with and facilitate the indoctrination of the identity currently known as Lanping. Additionally, there is the intention to facilitate yet more, and more detailed, information of a content not currently definable. Suffice it to be definable at that time but not in advance. That therefore enables the optimal procedure by which both Lanping and this individual become available to influence from deeper levels of their identities, one for the first time and the other for the tenth by that specific technique and the umpteenth for the diverse range of communications that have occurred. So we come as we say in order to facilitate that outcome, to appropriately prepare the expectations applicable and to contribute to a comfortable and comforting awareness concerning its preferences and prognosis. Addressing the preferences first:

The multiple criteria by which the identity Lanping has arrived in this country, has been facilitated in her confronting of internal discomfort, spiritual disconnection, confusion and uncertainty concerning her best future options, we would say just this:

The communication at present existing on the level of deep spiritual knowing, recognition and welcoming of the developing intimacy has, as a result potentially available, the outworking of prior plans made long ago. For there is historic connection between these two, which has lubricated the encountering process and progression in the current time frame. So without dwelling on those aspects, merely to note them in passing, we would point to the deep process and planning which has rendered this participation at the present time a highly desired outcome and result.

Not that it need continue. Not that it need proceed beyond the present, for all of these things are continuously chosen in succeeding moments. Nevertheless the plans in evidence by Lanping are to have constructive input into her community of origin on the level of a large community of interest with whom she will find easy potential contact once her qualifications are complete and it becomes the next preferred activity.

So these are components in a long term plan to constructively influence her peer group as well as her local city group population. She need develop no other plans than that, for that will be sufficient to occupy her attention in rewarding ways for the remainder of her natural presence on this planet.

So we take this opportunity to affirm that to be the case in the first instance, to open up the possibility in her current awareness on the level of the lower mind so as to include that option as a future possibility. With that we close this short communication and advise that there is no necessity to involve yourselves more closely than has already occurred, because in terms of optimal result in the long term, to increase that would put at risk the eventual outcome.

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