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16/09/2008 prc argonautmed_3


20080916 Argonauts med_3

I seek the next instructions concerning the Argonauts book, specifically:

1. Whether there are more chapters, [no answer], or

2. whether the text is complete? [no answer]

3. Whether the pictures to be obtained from Karina Williams from Taumaranui are to be included [YES] and

4. if so which ones? [partial answer]

5. Whether there are samples or examples from any other spiritual artist or sculptor by which to bring the focus of the work towards the visual spiritual art or towards the textual composition, [no answer], and

6. all other details so the most appropriate treatment of the text

7. who should publish it [no answer]

8. whether it should be the subject of a Creative NZ application or not, [no answer], or

9. simply the next step in the manifestation of that into the public domain?

^We have some answers for you: The manifestation into the public domain shall be complete in the next year not this. The preparations for that, however, are to be continued with so as to have all comfortably in place by the time the intended publisher is available to process it to the point of it being a marketable product.

The initiative at this time is to be to proceed with the acquisition of images from the woman Karina Williams at Taumaranui, as you have intuited. Those images are sufficiently different and sufficiently inspirational in terms of both the sculpture, the carving and the painting, so as to render a diversity to the imagery to be contained within the text. The photographs are to be of high quality, of maximum resolution so as to enable their setting to be displayed with finesse. This will require some investigation concerning appropriate background for the images. The lighting issue is dealt with. The breadth of illumination through the rudimentary reflector will in fact be adequate for the purposes of the images if it is appropriately and carefully arranged. This is a step which is not to be rushed, there will require some consideration and some planning so as to optimally create some usable images. The woman is to be communicated with again today so as to consult her concerning appropriate timing for an exploratory trip, not necessarily to take a final gamut of images, but to list them.

The descriptions resident on the Apple computer hard drive are to be extracted in due course and without delay so as to enable them to be retrieved and all other information from that computer before it is no longer retrievable.

So that is to be a focus for this week, as is the further entertainment of the woman, by now your colleague and friend LanPing. The destiny of that relationship is ambiguous at this point for she has fallen in love with you to some extent. That relationship will have its own trajectory but she intends no departure from her husband. Nevertheless be open to her expression of true feeling for you. That should not degenerate into simple lust, for that is inappropriate, but mutual nurturing is completely appropriate, and for her it will be a small exploration into congenial relationship with another man.

This will have its future flowering in another year not this. That future flowering will contain an opportunity for further progress in the delivery into that culture of our mutual product.


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